Toddler Week 99


I’m Three And I’m Me

In the first two years of life a child views himself as an extension of his caregiver. His whole identity is  associated  with the people who take care of him on a daily basis. In his third year, he is learning to separate himself from his primary caregivers to  form his own identity. This is a very important process that lays down the foundation for your child to function increasingly on his own. Here are more milestones that you can expect during the third year:

  • If your child is not potty trained fully yet, he will most likely achieve that milestone during this year.
  • Your sleepless nights should be over  as your child sleeps through the night most nights.
  • He can feed himself with a spoon or fork successfully now.
  • He loves to climb, explore and learn new things.
  • He will soon be able to identify a few colors and shapes.
  • He will soon be able to string together three to five word sentences.
  • He will soon be able to count to three.
  • He will soon be able to hop on one leg, walk on a line and walk on tiptoes.
  • He enjoys pretend play and can play meaningfully with a friend.
  • He can follow simple directions and help with household tasks.                                                                                                                                       

Now is a good time to lay down the foundation for a life full of good habits, although a liberal dose of patience may be necessary. A three year old is eager to learn, but might oppose some of your suggestions as he is learning to assert his independence. Give him opportunity to choose and have some control over his life. Enjoy this period where he will show you increasingly what his preferences are in daily events. He might surprise you by choosing an activity, food or object that you thought he didn’t like.


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