Imagine your child reading at 3 years old, we can make that a reality!


What can The Reading Station do for your child? TRS is a centre that specializes in Early Reading Literacy and employs a fantastic and intensive reading program based on PhonoGraphics.

 Phono-Graphics reading works on four concepts.

  1. Letters are pictures of the sounds
  2. Pictures can be presented with more than one letter
  3. There is variation in the code
  4. There is an overlap in the code

Sound complicated? It’s far from it. Phono-graphic learning is designed to work in complete unison with your child, in fact, it will bring your child from a basic reading standard to a higher reading and language skills . Do you have a three-year-old? TRS could help them start reading three letter words without the aid of a picture and even let them spell and enrich their vocabulary.

 Why is it so good for children?

                    – Because studies and experts show that it is @ 0-5 years old of a child’s life that reading and writing skills are most fundamental. Predicting future success in this area is taken up to how much the child learned and acquired these skills during his/her foundational years.

                    – Decoding is fun. Kids enjoy this unique skill that TRS gives them

– Can bring reading levels up by a minimum of Grade 1 Level

– Usually, improvement can be seen in less than three weeks

– After 12 weeks or 36 hours of reading classes you will see a large improvement in:

               – Reading

               – Language

               – Writing

               – Comprehension Skills

– Our previous students are now ranking in Honor Rolls.

– It improves the confidence of the child in their academic capabilities

– Once learned, the skills are completely transferable and can be used in all aspects of learning, particularly useful for later periods of intense study

– It is designed in consideration with your child’s learning styles and study habits

– Program is the ideal way for them to learn to read from the age of just three years old.

Please call: (02) 4120200 / 5070190 / 0917-7217634 / +63 917 571 4467

Email: [email protected]

Address: 51-a Scout Delgado Street QC

6th Floor Northridge Plaza BLDG, No. 12 Congressional Ave. QC

Room 308, Artex BLDG, Juan Luna ST. Binondo, Manila


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