5 Questions To Ask Your Obstetrician During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Questions

By Mariel Uyquiengco

Pregnancy is always an exciting time, may it be your first or your third!

It is important to learn as much as you can about each pregnancy. Even if you’ve been pregnant before, chances are, you’ve already forgotten some of the basics because you’ve been busy with family life.

Here are some questions you need to ask your obstetrician-gynecologist during your pregnancy.

1. Ask about symptoms that you’re experiencing.

You may be unsure of yourself and what you’re experiencing at a particular time. Relating what you’re going through with your health practitioner will give you information, insight, and some peace of mind.

2. Ask about what to expect during the next phase of your pregnancy.

Sometimes, reading about pregnancy is different from hearing about it from your doctor because of the interaction involved. Ask about specific pregnancy milestones that you should expect in the next month and any trigger points that you have to look for.

3. Ask about prenatal vitamins and pregnancy diet.

Knowing what you may or may not eat at a particular point in your pregnancy can be quite confusing. Make sure to ask your doctor about your diet and discuss any of your preferences so as to make sure that it’s fine.

4. Ask about your ideal weight gain.

Keeping the ideal weight for your height and pregnancy stage should be kept in mind so as not to be over- or under-weight. Ask about how you can reach or keep your ideal pregnancy weight for the month or trimester.

5. Ask about any concerns that you may have.

There are so many unknowns during a pregnancy that a mother can only hope and pray for a healthy baby. Make sure to ask your doctor about any concerns that you may have. It may be about a family medical history that you’re afraid that your child will inherit, an unknown exposure to a sick person, or an unintentional consumption of “forbidden” food.

6. Ask about safe exercises that you can do.

Pregnant women can and must exercise. Make sure to ask your doctor about exercises you should continue and which ones you should immediately stop.

7. Ask about remedies for aches and pains that you experience.

Throughout the course of your pregnancy, you will be experiencing different kinds of aches and pains that you certainly want to alleviate as much as possible. Ask your doctor for natural remedies first.

8. Ask about labor and delivery.

For a first time mum, the thought of labor and delivery are unknown and scary. Ask about what concerns you and more importantly, how you can prepare yourself for the big day.

9. Ask about screenings that you may need.

Based on your medical history, you might have to undergo prenatal screenings other than a glucose tolerance test, which all pregnant women undergo.

10. Ask about activities that you should avoid.

Being pregnant might mean some changes in your beauty routine. Ask your doctor about the safety of hair dyes, nail polish, and of having a pedicure and a massage.

There is no harm in asking when it comes to your and your baby’s health. Research and consult your obstetrician about any question and concern that you may have about your pregnancy.


Mariel Uyquiengco hopes to inspire parents to be their children’s first and best teacher. She does this through her blog and online children’s book shop www.thelearningbasket.com and by giving parenting seminars about early childhood development, preschool homeschool, and raising children to be readers.


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