4 Unseen Struggles Children Face When Starting School


By Celine Villadares

We have all been there, the time when our beautiful summer days bid farewell and the new season says hello. After summer ends, we can immediately notice how the bookstores and departments stores would be filled up with families preparing for the coming of a new school year. Due to the hustle bustle of every preparation, parents might not notice some anxieties that their children tend to exhibit as they approach their first day of school. Here are some common struggles that your child might be concerned about:


Yes, it has been completely two months since your child has seen his best buddies and seeing each other again after some time would be a little awkward. He might probably feel scared of being an outcast, but assure him that what he feels is natural. So, as you drive him to school, let him know of ways of how to get connected again with his buddies, remind him of how they used to love a certain game and how much fun they had! Encourage him to face this fear with positivity, social anxiety is common in the beginning of a new adventure!


New school year means new teacher and possibly new classmates. This could bring discomfort to some kids, as some view teachers as strict and authoritative. Prior to school time, let your child voice out his concern, and establish in him that teachers are educational guide in learning many great things. Let him know that every beginning of something would bring about discomfort, but after some time, it might be an exciting year for him and his friends. So better look out for an amazing journey of a new grade level!


Well, this one is quite expected. Most kids fear that they won’t do too well as they did from their last level. They fear that they might disappoint their parents, guardians or be laughed at for bad grades. Now, parents, your role is very important that the child understands the purpose of attending school. It is a place of learning, and indeed questions are encouraged in order to enhance one’s learning. Putting pressure won’t help your child’s anxiety, so better encourage him that it’s okay, as long as he did his best, you still love and accept him as he is. 🙂


Bully. The most dreaded word of a child is to be the subject of bullying. If your child talks about of being bullied let him know of ways on how he can handle it without getting into trouble. Let him understand that some bullies tend to belittle others because they themselves have been bullied, so when your child sees one; he may just show kindness or if it doesn’t work- make it known to school personnel. Kindness is always better shared though. 🙂


Anxieties and some worries are good to be expressed and dealt with early on, encouraging your child to voice out these or more before attending school would provide great comfort knowing that his parents are willing to listen and take him seriously. After all, we’ve had our fair share of these worries too when we were young.


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