Plays that Promote Development


By Celine Villadares

It is of important value to choose the right play or toy that a child should have in order to promote growth and development accordingly. This is very timely most especially when parents are mostly busy working and children are left with their tablets regardless of age. In this time when gadgets have replaced the role of parents in promoting progress in their child, parents must be reminded that there would be nothing better than our old favorites- building blocks, hide and seek, puzzles and those activities that promote healthy growth and development.

Physical Development:

Age appropriate toys/plays are what parents must be aware of. In order to strengthen muscles (both fine and gross motor) parents can apply exercises that they have grown into when they were children themselves. An example would be hide and seek, this activity promotes both fine (coordination and movement of small muscle) and gross motor skills (movement of bigger muscles) such as twisting a doorknob, pull/push of certain doors, running, bending/squatting in order to hide their tiny bodies. Another one would be building blocks, this somehow promotes cognitive development too since the children tend to analyze the shapes and block-appropriateness in building a certain figure plus exercising their coordination. There are many more that parents can do with their children to further develop physically play, only that you need to find which one your child prefer.

Cognitive Development:

For cognitive development, it is important that your child be given time for the right guidance your prefer (aside from value imposition), it is also a way to bond which establishes trust and security between parents and the child. Reading short stories/books which provides stimulus such as sounds, colors and pictures would be a good starter. You can ask questions about the reading material and maybe engage in a simple conversation on what the child thinks of the story. It’s a good way to stimulate their mind into creative thinking, a good starter.

Socio-emotional development:

At the age three, you child will start to show interest in mingling with other kids and providing an opportunity to do so would help him to a healthy growth in socio-emotional aspect. Parents must be aware that there are things a child can learn through interacting with other children, such as sharing toys, being aware of the other kids’ needs and giving in to some wants in order for harmonious relationship between other playmates. This is a good medium in enhancing their emotional aspect and sociological skills. Parents can guide and assist, but should be reminded that imposing strongly on certain concern and ways might be more harmful than helpful.

Parents, remember that it is through your approach that these plays may be successful, find which one works best for your child’s style and you may look forward to a healthy development as he grows!


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