During the first few months, the baby’s skin is not completely formed, especially those being breastfed. Their skin is delicate and thin, with thickness approximately half than that of adults.In fact, the secretion of sebum (oil) decreases rapidly starting from birth, leaving the baby’s skin particularly vulnerableto redness and irritation, resulting in possible infections and allergies.

The results of a study conducted on 70 healthy babies between ages 8-24 months, confirm that children under 2 years old have skin that is less mature and more permeable (decreased barrier function), with reduced defense capabilities, resulting in possible infections and allergies.

In relation to the baby’s weight, the skin surface of a baby is greater than that of adults. This results in higher concentrations of substances being absorbed by the skin, adding up to the risk of problems resulting from the use of inappropriate cosmetic products.

A baby’s skin also has a different skin acidity value (also known as pH), making it less capable to protect itself from bacterial infections.During the first few months of life, the use of cleansers with a pH value that is different from baby’s skin may increase the risk of irritation and will consequently develop itching.

Therefore, using products that have been clinically or laboratory-tested to satisfy strict requirements is essential for your baby.

These ingredients must also be proven by dermatological tests on sensitive skin types as well as hypoallergenic tests formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.



Besides being funtime, bath time is also an important time for baby’s hygiene. However, water alone is not sufficient enough to remove dirt on its own, making it necessary to use a cleansing product that removes filth from baby’s skin without damaging it.

It is best to gently cleanse your baby’s sensitive skinand fine hair without irritating his/her eyes with soothing and calming skin care products. Check the label of your baby’s essentials and be sure to choose mild products with no dyes, alcohol, parabens, SLS, SLES that may further harm your baby’s delicate skin.


Frequent nappy changing must be done correctly to minimize redness and irritation of baby’s bottom and private parts. It is important to choose an ideal place for nappy-changing time that best suit the baby.

Moreover, special attention has to be put on the cleansing of intimate areas with mild productsthat effectively protects your baby’s skin from irritations caused by organic residues.


Skin plays an important role in the sphere of affectionate relationships.The sensation of touch helps babiesidentify themselves through their first tactile experiences, the exploration of their bodies, and daily contact with the mother.

Therefore, cuddling and interacting through hugs and massages, from his/her first few days of life, show how much you carefor your baby’s skin, using products that smells like your baby.


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