What You Really Need To Know About Your Baby’s Skin


Did you know that even though full term babies are born with a protective barrier on their skin, the skin still continues to develop throughout their first year of life?

Because of this, baby’s skin is more susceptible to moisture loss and dryness associated with irritated skin. As common as it is, skin dryness could become worse and turn into a problem for baby as they grow older.

That is why it is essential to take proper care of baby’s skin and manage skin dryness as early as possible.

There are many myths about skin dryness in babies that we hear everyday. Parents need to know which is fact and which is fiction in order to provide the best care for baby’s skin.

Myth 1: Dry skin is contagious

This is not true. Skin dryness is not contagious at all. In fact, skin dryness happens because of internal and external factors surrounding a person. Such internal factors could be due to hormones and genes, and external factors could be from the environment, harsh chemicals in skincare products and unhealthy lifestyle.

Myth 2: Too many baths in a day causes dry skin

This is true. Because baby’s skin is protected with a natural barrier called lipids, frequent bathing especially with warm water will strip away these barrier, leaving the skin prone to dryness. Dermatologist recommends bathing baby only 2 to 3 times a week, with the frequency increased as they grow older.

Myth 3: Bathing only with water is the safest and most effective way to cleanse baby’s skin

This is not true. Research has shown that water is unsufficient to remove oil-soluble skin surface impurities. Experts has suggested that the best way to cleanse baby’s delicate skin is to use a mild skin cleanser with a neutral PH level (from 5.5 to 7.0) and does not contain any preservatives. Oilatum Soothe and Protect baby bath foam and shampoo are specially formulated to effectively cleanse baby’s skin and replenish the natural barrier, making it stronger and more resilient to keep allergens at bay.

Myth 4: Drinking water is enough to control dry skin

This is not true. Besides drinking a lot of water, using the right moisturizer on the skin is also essential to control skin dryness. Ideal moisturisers like the Oilatum Soothe and Protect Baby Moisturising Lotion contains nourishing oils to help repair and strengthen the natural skin barrier on baby’s skin, preventing it from from further dryness.

Myth 5: Rubbing to remove the dry skin from our babies is helpful

This is also not true. Rubbing baby’s skin to get rid of the dryness could cause further irritations due to the friction. That is why experts are recommending the use of mild cleansers and emollients that will help remove the skin impurities easily without requiring excessive friction during bath time.


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