6 Items Moms Need in their Purses, Every Day


By Patricia Gonzalez

There’s nothing worse than being out with your children and finding yourself unprepared. Whether it is finding yourself in a dirty public washroom with no soap and toilet paper, or getting stuck in traffic with a hungry and crying child, you know that taking those 2 extra minutes to complete the contents of your purse would have made a HUGE difference in your day.

Here are 6 items moms always wish they had in their bags during moments of messy accidents and meltdowns.

1. Portable liquid soap – To the frustration of many, some public washrooms are not efficient in refilling their soap dispensers. Thankfully, companies are catching on and are making portable liquid soaps that moms can carry in their bags. Human Nature is one of these genius companies. No soap? No problem!

2. Hand sanitizer – Children are curious and thus touch absolutely everything! From dirty surfaces, to shiny objects on the floor, babies and toddlers learn and explore with their hands. This is why every mom’s best friend is a kid-friendly hand sanitizer she can pull out of her purse when germs attack.

3. Wet wipes – Originally designed for diaper changes, wet wipes are handy for cleaning absolutely anything (and we mean ANYTHING), especially when there isn’t a washroom nearby.

4. Tissue – When it comes to kids, runny noses, tears, and trips to the toilet are are frequent occurrences. Be ready for these moments

5. Tide-to-go – Perfect for those spills and spit ups that always seem to happen when you are wearing something new or white, this handy pen is one you should never leave home without.

6. Snacks & Water – Biscuits, slices of fruit, and some water are as good emergency supplies for veteran moms. These are items that not only soothe a hungry or thirsty child, but are the best distraction during a long wait or car ride.

7. A Small Toy – Children have fairly short attention spans and grow in patience and the ability to preoccupy themselves as they learn and develop. However, very young children require some entertainment. If nothing in your immediate surroundings (the best teaching tools!) are effective, you will thank yourself for having a toy stashed in your purse before any tantrums commence.

Patricia Gonzalez is MOMCENTER’s Editor. She has two adorable daughters–ages 1 and 2, and is married to a man who inspires her to be a better woman everyday.

Beyond her work as a writer, she also an entrepreneur and manages the PR, marketing, and social media of two of her own local clothing brands, @coralswimwearph and @pearlclothingph.

She is a woman on a mission, and believes that motherhood is not limiting, but empowering. Join her on her journey by following her on instagram at @patriciaogonzalez.


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