Everything You Need to Know About Travelling with Kids


Travelling with your little one is a wholly different experience from simply going around with them. A mum’s biggest concern would be keeping her baby comfortable throughout the trip, but this is at times easier said than done. To ensure your child’s comfort during travel, you will have to carry everything he or she might probably need on the road–things you previously do not need to bring along on a regular Sunday morning out at the park.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you sacrifice all your comfort for your baby’s own. Keep in mind the following parenting tips to make your travel time a comfortable and enjoyable one for both of you:

Prepare a packing list for your baby’s belongings. Forgetting to pack your baby’s feeding bottle is the worst that could happen on a trip, as these may not be readily available at your final destination (especially if you’re going on an island vacation). Save yourself the hassle of last-minute packing and list down everything you need way ahead of your departure date.

Keep your baby’s luggage to one bag. And, along with this, two other bags: one for all your personal luggage, and the other one for both of your barest essentials. These three should be the maximum number of luggage you’re bringing along (most recommended if you are flying). If you’re on a road trip, you may bring even less. Store your personal clothes and your baby’s clothes into two separate bags to make it easier for you locate items. Check in these two luggage pieces on the plane so you would only be carrying your baby and your hand-carry bag, which will contain your most essential belongings (wallet, passport, etc) as well as your baby’s personal effects (bottles pre-stored with powdered milk, a separate water bottle container, baby wipes, and one or two pairs of diapers and clothes in case you need to change in the middle of the flight).

Check with your airline how babies are seated. Most airlines require babies no older than a year to be seated on the lap of their mother. For slightly bigger babies, call your airline before your departure to clarify their terms, as these vary from one airline to another. If you’re travelling on the road, it’s best to bring along your baby’s car seat to ensure maximum comfort for both of you. Having your baby sit on your lap for long hours will leave him or her grumpy , uncomfortable, and sometimes nauseous.

Pack a stroller if you’re doing a lot of walking. If you’re visiting a theme park or anyplace else that will involve a lot of walking, the stroller will be handy, not only for babies but for toddlers as well. Get one that is easily dismantled for use and folded up for packing, and is lightweight to meet your baggage requirements.

Pack baby essentials in smaller containers as needed. Do not bring the whole milk can if your baby won’t be needing it. Get a small canister instead and fill it up with as much as you think your baby needs for the trip. If your final destination affords you to buy some baby essentials instead of bringing them along, you may want to opt for that to reduce your baggage weight.

Bring your baby’s favorite toys. Long-haul trips whether by air or land are bound to bore your baby. Keep them occupied with their favorite rattle or stuffed toy (but make sure you don’t bring everything!).

Check with your hotel for baby care facilities. There are hotels who offer nurseries, strollers, and other baby care amenities which you can use during your stay. Make sure you ask about these prior to your trip, and don’t forget to inform them that you’ll be carrying a baby around.


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