Mindful Motherhood: What does it mean?


The waiting game has begun. Last Monday I officially began my short leave from work, winding down my current projects and taking the time off to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for the arrival of our second baby.

After the harried holidays, we were grateful to be able to celebrate my brother-in-law’s heartwarming and beautiful union with the girl of his dreams (who, in turn, called him her prince charming :)). Truth be told, their wedding was all we were waiting for, before we finally gave our second baby the go-signal for her arrival. “We made it to the wedding sweetie,” we told her the next day. “We are clear for your landing.” In other words, we were finally ready.

I don’t believe that anyone can prepare 100 % for anything in life, but I do believe that we are obligated to do what we can to prepare for what is possible.

I also know that whether or not things will turn out as planned is not always within our control. Best to “dream with a detached heart,” someone wise once told me. And so, as I wait for my second baby to be born, I will do my part. Prepare in the ways I can, and pray for the ways I cannot.

Here is a short list I came up with for myself to keep me on track, and prepare in the ways I can to be a mindful mama of two. 🙂

Use Sundays to plan your weeks, with your goals for your roles in mind. What are my goals for my family? My home? My work? Myself?

Start and end days in reflection, preparation, and prayer. Create your to-do list for the next day the night before, review your appointments, commitments and activities and place these in the hands of our Lord. The next day, include these in your morning meditations.

Choose specific activities to spend time with God, with your husband, and your babies, with no interruptions and no gadgets. Morning meditation, the rosary and night prayers? Breakfast, a phone call over lunch, and dinner with the husband? Bath times, meal times, and an hour in the morning and in the afternoons with the babies? Praying this all works out.

Make good use of idle time. Limit scrolling through your social media during distracted/free moments. Instead, read the news, pick up book, or jot down your thoughts in a notebook.

Clear your mind by caring for your body. Give yourself at least 30 minutes each day to exercise. All that you love and value will thank you for it.

And if all else fails, just wing it. 😛


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