Sterilizing Bottles Made Easy and Effective


Did you know that during the first 12 months a baby’s immunitary defenses are low?

Thorough sterilization of everyday objects are therefore fundamental to prevent gastrointestinal infections or of the oral cavity. It is imperative to thoroughly clean bottles and teats immediately after feeding because lactic bacteria develops very quickly. Anything that comes in contact with the baby’s mouth should be well cleaned and sanitized.

Chicco provides safe solutions for sterilization process. It has a new line of sterilizers which allows you to choose between models and configurations in order to sterilize effectively and easily.

Steril Natural 2in1 – Full Size and Compact

Steril Natural 3in1- Full Size, Compact and Microwave

Chicco sterilizers are effective and easy to use. It has a slim design and light color. Both are adjustable in size allowing moms to choose among a variety of configurations, depending on the items they need to sterilize.

What are the Features?

Chicco provides another option for sterilization through the cold sterilization process by using a multipurpose disinfectant liquid.

Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose Liquid is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses for the microbial decontamination of feeding bottles, teats, soothers, toys, cutlery, teething rings and other objects that comes in contact with your baby. Applicable to use both on metal and plastic. It can also be used on fruits and vegetables.

To sterilize, just fill the provided measuring cap to the required filling mark for every litre of water.  Immersed previously washed objects for a minimum of 60 minutes. Contact time should not be less than 60 minutes to guarantee decontamination. Afterwards, rinse with abundant drinking water.

Chicco Steril Natural & Disinfectant Multi-purpose Liquid are available in all Chicco boutiques, Baby Company stores and other leading department stores nationwide.

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