The 5 Emergency Numbers You Need to Leave with Your Caregiver


Does the thought of leaving your baby, even if just for a few hours, still give you nightmares? We totally understand. BUT, if you would ever like to resume normal life again, it will do you (and your whole family) some good to take a break and enjoy some me-time…even if that means going back to the office.

To give you peace of mind, leave your caregiver with a list of numbers to contact in case anything goes wrong while you are doing errands, or at work.

Here are the 5 emergency numbers you need to leave with your caregiver.

1. Your trusted relatives. Include your parents, in-laws, siblings, and cousins–and arrange this list from the most likely to respond right away to the least likely to be on their phones.

2. The emergency hotline of the nearest hospital. List at least 3 nearby hospital or clinics. If you know the direct line, even better, as to call the trunkline may cost you a few precious minutes.

3. The number of the local police. Overreacting? We think it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. The number of the local fire station. Put out the fires of worry in your minds. Pun intended 😉

5. The number of the local poison control. Babies and toddlers put items in their mouths all the time. While we hope you will never need this number, the chances of your child

Our last tip is to save all of these numbers in the phone of your caregiver to ensure a faster dial, in case of emergency. 🙂 But don’t fret mamas, learning how to entrust your babies to the care of another person really is a slow and painful process. Your worries and attachments are completely normal, but you will eventually get used to time away…who knows, you might even start to look for it. ;P


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