How to Use Social Media to Build Real Communities


Moms (especially new moms) spend a lot of time online….posting photos of our babies, stalking moms we follow (come on, admit it!), and even doing online shopping. And while we do find ourselves joining different groups, the women we interact with remain strangers–because we are separated by distance created by the world wide web.

1. “Stalk” with purpose. Instead of scrolling through the beautiful feed of another mom with envy, why not scroll with the intent of discovering similar values and interests?

2. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Any salesperson will tell you that we should never underestimate the power of a cold call. Our social media connections make it so much easier to make new friends, because some all it takes is a private message and a friendly emoji to build a meaningful and lasting friendship.

3. Organize a meet-up. Don’t be afraid to ask a contact out for coffee. This is definitely not unheard of, in today’s highly connected world. If you’re concerned about safety (or awkwardness), organize a meetup as a group. This can be an open invitation for any other mom who is looking to meet and make like-minded friends.

4. Start a group. Are you passionate about a specific cause that you think other women are capable of getting excited about to? Start a facebook group, pick a nice profile picture and cover photo, make the group description as specific and as compelling as possible. And then you can go crazy sending out invitations! Cast your nets. You will never know, you may catch a big fish!

5. Do a project together. There’s nothing quite like an exciting project that can get a new mom (who spends most of her days at home with her child) excited again. If you know you have social media contacts who would be interested in pursuing a project with you, go back to step 1 and take it from there.

While the overall effect of social media on the world may be controversial, there’s also no denying the good it can do as a force of good. It can connect people, in the real sense of the world, and encourage individuals to group together to make a difference in the world.


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