Dear Baby, Are you really there?


Dear Baby,

Are you really there?

When the doctor told us (your mama and papa) that I am pregnant, we were afraid to believe her. Because how was it possible that our prayers had been answered so soon?

Wasn’t our wedding just 2 months ago? Didn’t we just start trying? Wasn’t this too easy, and too fast?

Miracles. What are they?
“A miracle is an event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws.” Dear baby, you are a miracle.

I remember our puzzled doctor shaking her head as she squinted her eyes at the screen. “How is it possible,” she asked, “that your baby made it through all of those lesions (a medical term for scarring)? All those obstacles!”

“What a swimmer,” she joked. “But really, what a miracle.” This time, she was very serious.

I had less than a 25% chance of getting pregnant. Endometriosis. Ovarian cysts. One ovary, and a partially blocked fallopian tube. The odds were against us. For years, different doctors told me I had few options. A laparoscopy. An in vitro-fertilization. Adoption.

But you persisted. We all persisted, and someone up there (I think we all know who that someone is) brought you to life in my womb.

And so I approach this pregnancy with so much care and so much caution. I want to do absolutely everything right, because I know that every decision I make–everything I eat, everything I feel, everything I do–is connected to you.

I carry this responsibility as I carry you–hoping and praying that for for as long as I do my best, the same “someone” who made you will do all the rest.

My child, this is our shared journey.

We have beat the odds at your conception, and we will beat the odds of life together.

I can’t wait to meet you!



Your mother.


Did you know that studies have found that babies in the womb are able to experience all of its mother’s emotions? The connection between mother and child from the moment of conception is truly remarkable!

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