10 First-Aid Kit Essentials for Travelling


If you’re losing sleep over whether your child will get sick or hurt during your upcoming trip, the best way to give yourself peace of mind is to prepare a complete first-aid kit. Dizzy, burnt, feverish, or bruised? No problem! Mama comes to the rescue.

1. Anti-nausea medicine. These will come in handy before car rides, boat rides and plane rides…especially for children (and adults) who have motion sickness.

2. Antihistamine medicine. Subdue allergic reactions (you never know what could happen during a trip) in a new environment where you will be exposed to novel triggers such as foreign plant life, animals, and food.

3. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen medicine. There’s nothing like a fever to disrupt your family’s holiday plans, so make sure to pack pain and fever relief.

4. Hand sanitizer and wipes. For all of those moments where there isn’t a near bathroom in sight, use a sanitizer and wipes to clean your hands.

5. Insect repellant. Use natural and deet free repellants for to keep your kids safe not just from bugs, but from harmful chemicals too.

6. Cuts and Burns Ointment. Have these remedies on hand for any accidents that may occur during your tip.

7. Rubbing Alcohol. It is always helpful to have this antiseptic on hand to clean dirty hands and open wounds (ouch!).

8. Bandages. Active children are prone to getting scrapes and cuts from running around. Be prepared with band aids that come in fun prints to entertain your kiddos as you clean up their wounds.

9. Sunscreen. Travelling usually means walking around in the sun all way, so protect your family from harmful UV rays, and from getting sun burns.

10. Thermometer. This is always good to have on hand for proper monitoring in case you ever suspect a family member of having a fever.

The best thing about this list, is that every item is easy to purchase at a grocery or at a pharmacy. So if you happen to realize that something from this list is lacking, don’t worry!


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