Summer Style For Moms: Finding the Perfect One-piece for Your Body Type


By: Margaux Romero-Alampay

We are totally loving how the one-piece is back in style! This swimsuit is definitely the season’s must have, with its updated modern prints and trendy cuts. Not only is it stylish, it’s super comfy too! You won’t need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions as much as you do in a bikini. Need help finding a one-piece to flatter your body type? We’ve come up with tips on how to shop for the perfect one for you.

What to look for if…

You have a large bust:

Make sure the swimsuit has the right amount of top coverage, and bra-like support. Look for pieces that have garters under the bust (they give extra lift), built-in underwires, or thicker straps.

Coral Swimwear, AMIRI Php 2,450

Your figure is straight/rectangular:

Look for feminine details like ruffles, off-shoulder cuts, or ruching to help create the illusion of more curves.

Coral Swimwear, KALIA Php 2,250

You want to conceal your tummy:

You can go for swimsuits that have busy prints along the mid-section, or you can also choose styles that emphasize other body parts that you love. For example, a slim halter will draw attention towards your face and shoulders.

Coral Swimwear, OLIANA Php 2,250

You have a small bust:

Take advantage because this body type can pull-off low necklines without looking too “exposed”. You can get away with deep Vs and scoop necklines.

Coral Swimwear, TALLULAH Php 2,250


Remember, in whatever style you choose, the most important thing is to make sure you feel happy and comfortable in the swimsuit. When you try to make your personality come out through what you’re wearing, you will definitely look and feel great! Enjoy beach season, ladies!

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