5 Ways to Know You Are Living Your Purpose


We are all looking for happiness and meaning…and while there are many ways to attain both, living according to your purpose is definitely one of them. For some, “it feels right” is enough to know if this is true, but others might prefer a more objective basis other than one’s emotions. Here are 5 ways to know you are living according to your life’s purpose.

1. You are acting according to your principles. What are principles? To put it simply, principles are values or fundamental truths that guide the decisions you make in your life. Examples of these are honesty, simplicity, generosity, equality, and integrity. One sure sign that you are living according to your purpose is that the work you do or the role you play (as a spouse, a mother, a boss, a friend) is congruent with the values you believe are most important.

2. You care less about the opinions of others. Those who find meaning and fulfillment in their work care little about the opinions of others. No matter how humble or how unconventional your life’s circumstances or work may be, if you are living your purpose, what even the most important people in your life have to say about it will not faze you.

3. You are using your talents. Our God-given talents were meant to be used. If you know you are doing something that maximizes your skill set by creating beautiful things, experiences, services of value to the world…then you are likely to be living your purpose.

4. You are able to serve others. We were not put on this earth to serve ourselves alone. If you are able to use your talents to help and serve others, then your are likely to be living not just a purposeful, but also very fruitful life.

5. You are able to get up, dress up, and show up–even when it is hard. One of the biggest signs that a person is living one’s purpose is resilience. No matter how happy something makes you, your true passion will be determined by your ability to suffer for it. To “show up” in every sense of the word, even when difficulties arise. If you are living your purpose, nothing will get in the way of you achieving it.

Discovering your purpose is just the beginning. If you think you’ve figured it out, realize that you’ve got the rest of your life to live it out with as much integrity and passion as you can. Remember that every day is an opportunity to bring yourself one step closer, or farther from the kind of woman you want to be…and a lot of hope can be found in that.

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