Feel Your Most Beautiful—Without Makeup!

Feel Beautiful Without Makeup

By: Mich Lagdameo

For a lot of moms, putting on a face for the day is a daily ritual—me time and a confidence booster in one! Every mama has her hacks and go-to’s for products and techniques, honed by years of experimenting and practice. Truly, makeup recommendations and routines are favorite topics when moms get together and talk turns to all things kikay.

Now, far be it from us to tell you to stop wearing makeup, especially since we know its benefits are beyond skin-deep. But there are also ways to feel radiantly beautiful without relying on your usual foundations and lipsticks! Some mamas might not have the time or inclination to stick to a makeup routine, or maybe others want to shake things up a little by trying something new. Either way, these makeup-free tips can supplement your existing beauty regimen (or help you start a new, low-commitment one).

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

More than moisturizer, you need to quench your skin’s thirst from the inside! Make sure you load up on water and healthy juices daily. Keep a bottle of water close by and keep chugging, especially if you’re still breastfeeding. Dehydration definitely shows on your face: fine lines seem deeper, eye bags are darker, and skin is duller. Drinking enough water keeps skin cells healthy—which means glowing, more radiant skin sans makeup!

Frame your face right.

It’s a common beauty tip: the eyes are the windows to the soul, so it is important to have amazing eyebrows! As beauty junkies love to say, “Kilay is life!” Even before you subscribe to liners, powders, and pencils, make sure your eyebrows are expertly shaped. Invest in a professional waxing or threading session you can maintain yourself later on. If you feel you need to, research on micro-blading or other eyebrow enhancing services. Perfectly-shaped arches make your face look more “done” even if you don’t have a spot of makeup on.

Keep lips healthy.

Dry and chapped lips are never attractive, and lipstick won’t help if your blank canvas isn’t 100 percent. Always buff and scrub lips with a wet toothbrush and apply a hydrating lip balm or moisturizer before sleeping. Lighter lip balms during the day keep your lips plump and kissable too.

De-fuzz regularly.

Facial hair is a definite no-no if you want to try the natural, no-makeup look. Having a baby affects your hormones, and some moms notice an increase in unwanted facial hair once they’ve given birth. Look into safe and easy ways of removing facial fuzz, whether professionally or at home. Ridding yourself of excess facial hair exposes your clear and beautiful natural skin!

Keep blood flowing.

Even ancient cultures believed in regular massages to keep healthy blood flow. Look up ways you can massage your face yourself post-shower to maintain good circulation, which will be noticeable as a healthy flush and a less-tired look. Some rely on facial rollers or massagers to stimulate blood flow to the face.

Makeup is never a bad thing, but there’s no harm in trying ways to feel extra pretty without layering some on! These tips are natural, simple ways you can feel confident and ready to face the world, so why not give them a try?

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Mich Lagdameo is a mom to a precocious 1-year-old. She is a writer and editor by trade and calling, and she lives for books, leisurely grocery trips, cups of good coffee, long drives with her husband, and the Food Network. Her days are punctuated by the sound of her computer keys and her daughter banging into things.


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