Home Décor Tips For Renters

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Renting your first family home? It’s easy to feel that your house isn’t really “yours,” but that shouldn’t deter you from making it feel like home! While some landlords are lenient with changing fixtures and paint colors, it’s safe to say that any additions you make need to be temporary, and that’s perfectly okay! It’s actually much easier to make small décor decisions that won’t break the bank, and you are free to experiment and get creative as you find your décor style!

Try these low-commitment tips to make your rented home feel more like your own!

Play with colors and textures. Area rugs and carpets, throw pillows and drapes, even shower curtains—these are inexpensive and impermanent additions that can brighten up any space. There’s a wealth of choice out in the market today for printed and colorful home décor you can swap out as the seasons (or your whimsy) dictate.

Frame some photos. Nothing is more personal than framed family photos! You don’t have to mount them on the wall to make an impact (although there are a lot of adhesives available today that won’t leave permanent damage), you can opt to lean larger frames against bookcases and shelves or mantels. Smaller frames can be grouped together with other decorative mementos.

Add a big pop of color. An accent chair or lamp in an unexpected color can really add some personality to a room. In the kitchen, colorful appliances or a temporary backsplash in an eye-catching design can also add interest.

Plant a garden. Even a small collection of potted plants along the driveway can constitute a garden! Foliage or greenery makes a home feel more vibrant and welcoming. You can also put indoor plants in the living room and kitchen, or other high-traffic areas to help guests feel more at home.

Don’t let being a renter prevent you from putting your own personal touch on your space! You and your family deserve a comforting and visually appealing living space, no matter how simple—and it’s up to mom’s ingenuity and creativity to make that happen!

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