The 5 Ways We Can Prepare Our Children for Success


In a fast paced and constantly changing world, an individual’s ability to adapt to the demands and trends of modern life are key to one’s success.

My own experience as mompreneur teaches me that what we learn in school will not necessarily be related to our chosen profession or work.  To be specific, I was a psychology graduate, but now find myself in the field of communications and fashion retail. Much of what I do now was self-taught or learned on the job. I certainly did not learn how to write an effective press release, strategize for social media content, or do e-commerce when I was back in school.

What does this have to do with our children? Everything.

As multi-dimensional modern mothers (who juggle different roles every day as moms, wives and sometimes professionals), we aspire to do everything in our power to set-up our children for success. We want them to be well-rounded individuals who are not just book smart, but street smart. We understand what it means to live full and fruitful lives, and we want no less for our kids.

But how can we do this, without knowing what the world will be like in 10-20 years? “Will my child be ready for the challenges she will face? Will she find a stable job?” we wonder and worry. These concerns are valid, but we want more than that, don’t we? We want our children not just to survive but to thrive.

Thus, for our children to succeed in an uncertain future, as mothers, we need to encourage them to be as adaptable as possible.  How can we do this? Here are a few ways you can prepare your child for a successful future:

  1. Encourage a love for learning. How? By giving your child the opportunity for learning experiences that are rewarding, fun, interesting and challenging. Make their playtime activities educational and exciting, so they are able to view learning as something enjoyable.
  2. Equip your child with advanced learning skills. Expose your child to different learning styles. Is she a visual learner, who prefers pictures, images and spatial understanding? An aural learner, who enjoys learning through sound and music? A verbal learner, who prefers using words both in speech or writing? Or a physical learner, who prefers using her body, hands, and sense of touch?
  3. Explore the multiple intelligences. Book smart and math smart are not the only forms of smart. The Gardner theory of multiple intelligence proposes that learning is multi-dimensional: the visual-spatial, the body-kinesthetic, the musical-rhythmic, the interpersonal, the intrapersonal, the verbal-linguistic, the logical-mathematical, and the naturalistic as different forms of intelligence. Explore them with your child. If you only focus on one type of intelligence, then you may not discover your child’s untapped potential in the other areas.
  4. Teach your child self-awareness. Knowing one’s gifts, abilities, and strengths are key to success in any field of work. The important thing is to help your child balance this knowledge with a healthy recognition of one’s weaknesses, or areas of growth.
  5. Provide your child with the right nutrition. In today’s environment where children need to be able to learn not just mentally but physically and socio-emotionally as well, they need to have strong minds and bodies more than ever. Aside from proper parenting and care, giving them the proper nutrition is critical in nurturing their gifts. They need the right nutrients at the right levels to help them learn in many ways at their best. They also need precisely balanced age appropriate nutrition to help support their mental, physical, and social learning milestones. Finally, they need a combination of unique brain nutrients for their cognitive development, antioxidants to help maintain their body’s natural defenses, dietary fibers to support their gastrointestinal health, and growth nutrients to support their weight and height. With a balanced diet, only Promil Gold® Four provides this advanced nutrition with its expertly designed Gold Biofactors system, a unique combination of nutrients working together to support strong minds and bodies to help advance their gifts.

Motherhood is definitely challenging, and we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves about our children. We worry about their safety, their health, their happiness, and their futures. This is why I am so grateful for any form of help I can get. Raising and caring for a child is a lot of work, and it is comforting to know that there are brands out there I know I can trust (such as Promil Gold® Four, which has been around for at least 30 years!) to help me on my journey.

As moms, the most we can do is love our children, do our best, and trust that when the time comes, they will be ready to do the rest.


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