11 Signs You Should Bring Your Child to the Doctor

signs serious illness

Unfortunately, beyond the inevitable traffic and flooding that comes with the rainy season, comes the spread of viruses and more frequent visits to the doctor. Because your child’s immune system is still maturing, she is more susceptible to minor illnesses than older children and adults.

And while the common cold is quite common, there are warning signs that your child could be seriously ill. If you observe any of the below symptoms in your child, do not hesitate to bring him to the doctor as soon as possible.

1. The refusal to eat – If your child is skipping meals for more than a day.

2. Breathing problems – If your child is making unusual noises while sleeping, or appears to have difficulty intaking air.

3. High Fever – If your child has a temperature above 39 degrees Celsius for small children.

4. Unusual sleepiness or crankiness – If you child is unusually sleepy or fussy for more than 24 hours.

5. A prolonged cough – If your child has been coughing for more that 3 days

6. A rash accompanied by a fever – If the rash appears without a known trigger and is accompanied by a fever.

7. Diarrhea – If your child has watery stool and it lasts for more than 12 hours.

8. Repeated vomiting – If your child vomits numerous times within the span of 12 hours, and if this vomiting is accompanied by a fever, rashes, or Diarrhea.

9. Vomit or stools with blood. –

10. Pink, watery , or sticky eyes – If your child has an eye infection, it could be highly contagious and requires immediate medical attention

11. Discharge – If your child has discharge in the areas of the ears, eyes, navel or genitals within the last 24 hours.

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