How to Achieve Maternity Chic

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Last year’s Dolce & Gabbana’s Winter Women’s Fashion Show was a refreshing sight to see on my Instagram Feed. The hashtags were a show of love for moms and the family #dgmamma #dgfamily and those invitations were scribbled with affectionate yet simple words and drawings of family and lots of red hearts! It was clear that the inspiration was to bring forth the soul of the chicest, classiest, most unfazed woman there is – mom – into a runway show.

It didn’t end there. My heart fluttered when I saw a pregnant Bianca Balti strut her stuff and the other models carrying cherubim chubby infants or holding hands with kids.

Thank you Dolce & Gabanna for such a wonderful tribute to the most important people in our lives that we often forget are also the most beautiful.

Even if all of that haute couture prettiness just poured itself all over social media. Sad to say, we all cannot exactly afford maternity wear from Dolce & Gabanna. I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, my few tips on how to achieve maternity chic, I believe it also comes with being a very practical shopper and dresser.

Now here are my Practical Tips to Achieving Maternity Chic.


I’ve always considered myself to have an easy-going style so I kept putting off wearing a stretchy pair of boho pants until the “right moment” came – only it was too late! When I was putting them on, they only reached until the widest part of my thighs and there was no way it could journey to my hips.

I felt bad and awkward but I did learn the valuable lesson: Wear all the clothes that you love on your first trimester.

Yes: Keep and wear clothes that you know will accommodate your growing baby bump. For the soon-to-be new mom, this added role also means it’s time to consider a piece of clothing’s possibility of helping you breastfeed. Keep loved pre-maternity/pre-baby clothes that will help you breastfeed!

Since the goal is to get back to the pre-baby weight and figure: Keep all your favourite pre-baby clothes, especially the ones that will aid in breastfeeding, in a vacuum sealed container for safekeeping against dust.


The Philippines has only two seasons: Summer and a more forgiving, rainier and/or windier Summer. The heat is more often than not piercing and blinding. It doesn’t help the pregnant lady at all because she’s more likely to feel warmer than usual due to the hormonal changes and increase in blood supply to the skin.

I can testify to this. While on the road at the peak of the noon sun, even when the air conditioning is on full blast, I feel drained and sweaty from the heat bathing against my skin.

1. Purchase lightweight clothes in cotton and cool fabrics. Warning: stay away from too thin fabric that can show your undies or that will need you to wear extra layers. It’s hot enough, why add more fabric?

2. If you are on your second trimester, buy clothing that you know will still be comfortable at the third trimester. Even if you are a Large now, buy that Extra Large. You can never be too sure.

3. Buy clothes that will help you breastfeed! Hello to button down tops and dresses and stretch tanks over oversized shirts. This will be your new look after the baby comes. What does this mean? For those who want to explore their style, be adventurous with your shoes and leggings.

                                          super cute shoes

Remember: you don’t have to buy clothes from the maternity section.


When you do, here are my must have’s:

1. Maternity Leggings

I made the mistake of purchasing two pairs of leggings from one of the stores I usually go to in their largest size without trying them on. When I tried wearing them one day, I kept having to secretly and awkwardly stretch them because they were just so tight at the hips. (I had no idea that that area became so sensitive when pregnant)

I didn’t think that maternity leggings existed until I visited a maternity store and saw all the selections… Because I was traumatised by my earlier purchase, I made sure that the maternity leggings really looked like maternity leggings and had that cute pouch that outlines the tummy.

I loved it so much that I bought 3 – 2 in black and 1 in grey. I also purchased a white pair of maternity leggings that didn’t have a pouch but did stretch high enough to envelope my entire belly. The white pair became one of my absolute favourites because it’s such a fresh feeling to wear white bottoms without having to worry about stains.

Dress your leggings up with plain or printed oversized loose tops. They’ll immediately make you feel dressy and ready to face a long day ahead.

2. A Good Pair of Maternity Jeans

Jeans go with everything so invest in a good and comfortable one that will last you through the whole pregnancy.

3. Maternity Shorts

At the second trimester, when you’re at the height of feeling great, you’ll want a wardrobe that will allow you to be a little bit more active. I have a white and beige pair. Maternity shorts will make you look uber cute and casual along with a semi-fitted top and your favourite sneakers.

Don’t allow these must have’s to break the bank. Visit your favorite department stores and explore their maternity wear. For me that’s SM and The Landmark.

Bonus: Leather Flip Flops

I am in looovveee with my leather flip flops that I can wear with anything! For some reason, I want my feet to breathe all the time so I use them every day that I noticed my feet started to sink into the leather.


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