Why Moms Love Essential Oils and Why You Might Too


By: Isha Capulong

Just as we have seen the wonders that our localized versions of natural remedies: bayabas leaves as an antiseptic for wounds, tawa-tawa leaves to fight off dengue and malunggay as the certified best friend to increase breastmilk supply, ancient civilizations from Egypt and China have testified to the natural healing benefits of essential oils.

If you’ve heard about it, are a skeptic or are just plain curious here is a rundown of why moms can’t get enough of these apparently magical remedies.

What exactly are Essential Oils? Essential oils are made up of super concentrated liquids that are extracted from the “essence” of the plant which are from the same compounds it uses to heal themselves. When humans use these oils, they are said to provide a variety of health benefits through diffusing, inhaling, applying topically and even ingesting.

What’s all the fuss about these Essential oils?


Moms only want what’s safe for their families. They know that natural is the way to go. These EOs (Essential Oils) are not only chemical free, they’re 100% pure and therapeutic grade. They are also from plants that are familiar such as lemon, lavender and peppermint. Naturally, they have their health benefits when used as ingredients in dishes or even used as tea. In their purest most natural state, EOs exposed what more these common plants could offer for our wellness.

Prescription medicine has been under fire for the countless side effects that worsen illnesses or even cause the failure of otherwise healthy organs when taken frequently. Many EO advocates have proclaimed that they’ve stopped using prescription medication to ward off not just the symptoms but even heal a disease.

The variety of anecdotes of EO’s effectiveness are as numbered as there are of EO types and their blends because essential oils work differently for each body composition just as some natural remedies work for some and not for others.

Once you find the perfect blends and EOs for your family you’re off to a path to natural wellness that will work for you in the years to come.


The properties of these essential oils allow for a super varied use that expands from physical wellness to emotional wellness and to a natural beauty product. They can be used as home cleaning agents and even pest repellents!

Some EO companies provide readymade products for those purposes but if you want to be tipid (Filipino for frugal) a lot of these products can actually be made using all-natural products such as witch hazel and shea butter.

You don’t have to use an entire bottle of your favorite oil for these blends. Since EOs are in their most purified state, their concentrated and non-water based nature allow the oils for a single drop to go a long way. (One 5ml bottle of Lemon EO is made up of 36 rinds!)

To be even more tipid, oilers use blends in roller bottles using recommended carrier oils, such as grapeseed oil, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil, for various uses. Each blend is a remedy for something whether it is to boost your mood, bring down a fever or to reduce stretch marks (and many more). These travel friendly blends extend the life of your EO drops, keep the EO dosage safe for application on your children, and make for an emergency kit that upon every ache “there is an oil for that.”


Since you probably heard your own mom, tita or friend rave about these essential oils, you’re curious and want to know if they will take any effect on you and your family. You’ll be surprised that both young and old moms are using them for different purposes and various groups have formed to address each’s needs. In the end, the bond created over these life-changing oils support friendships that go beyond just EOs.


Isha De Vera-Capulong is a stay-at-home mom to a spunky two-year old girl. Her love for accessories and colors drove her to start her own handmade jewelry business which she plans to take online soon. She and her husband are advocates of true love and chastity. Together, they give talks to schools and organizations around Metro Manila. She’s got a passion for expression and pens down her thoughts on love, dating, fashion and the lost art of being a lady here: https://eleganceandcandor.wordpress.com/


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