Gifts for New Parents That They’d Actually Use


Do you have new parents on your Christmas gift list this year? With the huge number of products for parents and babies out in the market right now, it can get pretty overwhelming even for parents (both new and old) to pick the must-haves. Personally, my go-to gifts for new parents are baby clothes, because who can resist those cute outfits? But let’s face it, it’s everyone’s default gift choice so new parents tend to get it in abundance – and realistically, how many pairs of pants or dresses does a newborn really need? So the question remains, what are useful gifts for parents?

1. Baby skin care products

Specifically, butt care products such as diaper creams and wipes. Babies have very sensitive skin, especially down there, and nothing makes a baby fussier than when he/she’s dealing with diaper rash. So gifting parents with a variety of creams and pastes even in small sizes will give the parents the opportunity to discover what product works best for their child. Aside from butt products, you can also go for lotions and baby wash, to again give the new parents more options. Always opt for products specifically made for sensitive skin to be on the safe side.

2. Nursing care Skip Hop GRAB & GO Hide & Chic Nursing Scarf

Breastfeeding is hard – every mom knows this, but still might not be a well-known fact for new parents. Give much-needed help to the new mom by gifting her with your trusted nipple/lanolin cream or a pack of nursing pads. You can even include a stylish nursing cover so she’ll be comfortable nursing wherever she wants.

3. Diapers and wipes

Admittedly, diapers are a common gift just like newborn clothes, but unlike clothes, new parents really need diapers – lots of them. You can even throw in wipes as well for easy clean-up. And to be sure, you can even ask your new parent friends what brand and size they use, as newborn skin can also be picky.

4. Gift cards

Although some may find gift cards tacky, new parents will definitely appreciate them, as they can use gift cards to buy other necessities that they did not receive.

5. Muslin and burp cloths Aden by Aden + Anais burpy bib and burp cloth

Aside from diapers, babies tend to go through a lot of cloths – from swaddles to burp cloths to all-purpose cloths. Most new parents would normally purchase around 5 to 7 of each, not knowing that newborns can use up about 3 of these on average per day – especially the burp cloths and “lampin.” Give the new parents a chance to do their laundry by adding to their supply. And even if they do have a lot of it, chances are they will still use your gift as these cloths can be used until the toddler stage.

6. Hooded towels and washcloths

If you do not want to gift consumable baby products, then another option aside from baby clothes are hooded towels and washcloths. Not everyone is familiar with hooded towels, and the fact that babies need them after every bath. Plus, hooded towels are now available in a variety of cute animal designs – which makes it perfect if you want to gift something useful yet cute to the new parents.

7. Large baby items

Large baby items such as cribs, strollers, car seats, and even high chairs are really expensive, so new parents are really appreciative when they receive such gifts, as these might be a bit hard to fit into the budget. You can coordinate with common friends to purchase such items and split the cost among yourselves.


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