7 New Year Parenting Resolutions from Real Moms

Ready to take on 2020, mommies? We’re loving these simple and doable parenting resolutions. Share with is your own mommy-resolutions this new year ;)


Everyone wants to improve on something every new year, and the same holds true for parenting. And while resolutions to be more healthy, more creative, or more thrifty are for the betterment of the individual, parenting resolutions are great because it not only benefits one person but also our kids and even our partners. This fact alone makes it well-worth any parent’s time.

To start you on this new year, we have asked real moms about their resolutions. So here are a few simple and totally doable changes you can adapt for the new year.

1. Make the effort to be more healthy.

My number one goal for my family this year is to eat healthily. I sort of put this in the backseat last year, as buying and preparing our food takes too much energy especially with my two toddlers in tow. So this year, I would like to put in the extra effort in preparing healthier and more balanced meals for our family every week.
– Antonette Bacay Montaño

2. End the work day every day.

Working from home sometimes defeats its main purpose for me when I tend to just focus and lose myself on work, instead of also minding my kids at home. So this year, I promise to be more mindful of my priorities by establishing working and mommy times – and stay away from work when its mommy-time!
– Loubeth De Leon Faderes

3. Be more mindful of finances.

I started freelancing again last September so things have been lighter for our family, financially speaking. So this year, I promise to continue building our emergency fund again and open a trust fund for our 3-year old.
– Shiena Rose Castillano-Operario

4. Go minimalist.

Continue minimalism principles so I can find more time for my son, such as spending less and prioritizing expenses so I’m not enslaved to my work. Thereby saving me time and energy, which I can then spend for my family and myself.
– Ena Kristina

5. More patience, less shouting.

I promise to try and be more patient this year, especially when tutoring my eldest in his studies. And hopefully, this will also mean less shouting for me.
– Angel Zosa

6. More kids-time, less busy.

Honor “playground time” with my kid, regardless of how busy I am.
– ZF Santillan

Spend more time with my boy.
– Diana Claire Medina Cervantes

7. Small changes for a better mom.

This year, I promise to do small changes in our routine, such as preparing more healthy food, becoming more strict with regards to bed time, being actually with them during their play time, and lessening screen time for both of us!
– Gianne Karla Realizo

Saving and arranging for more activities for my boy.
– Liway Tayag Etame


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