15 Real-Life Moms Dish Tips for a Healthy Sex Life

So what do you do when you’re a parent and your sex life feels a bit cold? Well, you can keep on making landi, or you can try these tips from real-life moms.


Kids are considered a major change in anyone’s life. Once a child comes into the picture – routines are adjusted, habits are changed, and certain pleasures are sacrificed. Unfortunately, one of the err… pleasures that get the backseat is a couple’s sex life. Granted, managing kids and working full-time can be tiring, so it’s understandable that most couples would just prefer to sleep than do the deed. At the same time, there’s always that fear that your kids will catch you in the act (gasp!).

So what do you do when you’re a parent and your sex life feels a bit cold? We’ve asked a few real moms how they maintain a healthy sex life, and here are their tips and tricks:

1. Schedule a granny date for the kids!
– Grace

2. Schedule an action-packed day for the kids so that they’ll fall asleep quick. Para pagdating ng gabi, kayo naman mag-pa-paguran.
– Vanessa

3. Keep on making landi. If deadma, give it a few days or weeks then landiin ng bongga. Slowly build it up until siya na ang mang-hila.
– Janet

4. Stay in love and huwag pa-keme-keme. My husband always tells me upfront: “Ma, mamaya ha.” So ako naman, pinag-ha-handaan ko iyan.
– Chona

5. Maging kabit ng sarili mong asawa… And it doesn’t need to be everyday, ang importante, na-sa-satisfy niyo ang isa’t isa.
– Jenelyn

6. Use a code or do it via subtle jokes. Sabihin na agad if game na.
– Ro and Abby

7. Sexy undies. Iba ang gayuma. Ang ending I usually take two showers just because of sexy undies.
– Eve

8. We have a schedule. We usually drink a few rounds at home while watching a movie. Then… alam na.
– Jo

9. Minsan, explore new things. Try something new para mas maging exciting ang sex life. Sige lang lumandi, basta sa asawa lang.
– Che

10. Para sa mga Team LDR – SOC or sex on chat. Kinky messages lang naman. Keeps the flame going even while we’re apart.
– Ashley

11. Every time my husband comes home from his work abroad, we take our quality time seriously. Before, we usually just drink. But now, we explore different means of foreplay na – this includes lacey nighties and even sexy costumes!
– Kathy

12. Try using essential oils to set the mood and sustain the drive – effective!
– Leng

13. They always say, be a wife by day but be a mistress by night. Sa umaga, kuting ka, pero sa gabi, tigre na!
– KC

14. Papatulugin muna ang mga bata. Although sometimes I fall asleep nadin while doing so, kaya I tell him na “huwag ka muna matutulog ha.” Alam na niya.
– Mitch

15. We only see each other during the weekends, ang quota namin 1 to 2x a week. So like BDO – we find ways to reach that quota. Our moves include the YouTube diversion, kalabit sa madaling araw, kalabit sa gabi, at nap-time salisi.
– Gia

It can be quite easy to forget our role as a wife, husband, or lover because of the daily demands of parenting. But we should also remember that having a healthy sex life with our partner can also do wonders for our family dynamics.


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