Paula Peralejo-Fernandez Spotted Babywearing her Son on Their Travels

A lot of moms, including mama explorer Paula Peralejo-Fernandez love and practice babywearing. But before you start wearing your baby, learn first what are the ABC's of safe babywearing.


If you’re a follower of Paula Peralejo-Fernandez in Instagram, you would know that she and her husband have been traveling outside the country with their firstborn, Pablo. The new mother, as apparent in her Instagram posts, is both a breastfeeding and a babywearing mom.

Babywearing is now being practiced by a lot of moms. A visit to the mall would let you see several mothers or fathers as well, wearing their babies using different types of baby carriers.  Parents new to babywearing might wonder if it is really safe to wear our babies considering their fragile bodies.

Before using any product or equipment, the parents’ first concern is always the safety of their babies. According to Babywearing International, babywearing is a naturally safe activity. To encourage safe babywearing, Babywearing International advocates the ABCs of babywearing:

Airway: The person wearing the baby should ensure that baby’s airways are open. Baby should be in an upright position with chin positioned off the chest. Ensure that fresh air can circulate around the baby’s face. The child should be close or high enough to be kissed and in good view at all times.

Body positioning: The baby carrier that you would use should be able to appropriately support the baby according to his/her level of neck and trunk control. Remember that your baby’s neck and back are still developing and need utmost support. The baby should not be in a slumping position. Ideally, the legs should simulate a spread-squat position with the knees higher than the bottom. The legs and the bum should be supporting the weight of the child.

Comfort: Both your baby and you should be comfortable with your baby carrier. If you are not comfortable and confident with the way you’re wearing your baby, have someone check the position of your baby. Try changing your baby’s position to achieve a comfortable non-slouchy snug fit.

It is also recommended that you regularly check your carriers for any wear or damage prior to use. Babywearing is not encouraged to be used as a child restraint device and should not be used in moving vehicles or boats.

Babywearing allows mothers to freely move with both arms while carrying their babies. Other mothers even do their household chores while wearing their babies. The mother can accomplish her work while the baby comfortably and peacefully lies on his/her mother’s chest.  So it’s a win-win situation, right?

Babywearing benefits both the mother and her baby, but when the baby is incorrectly carried, babywearing can do more harm than good. Always keep in mind the ABCs of babywearing so you get to safely enjoy the liberty of using your two hands and the instant cuddle time with your little beauties.

Source: Paula Peralejo-Fernandez’s Instagram

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