Celebrity mother Jolina Magdangal-Escueta recently gave birth to her second child with spouse Marc Escueta. The now mother of two gave birth to baby Vika Anaya at Asian Hospital in Paranaque. Prior to her delivery, she shared on one of her Instagram posts that she had gestational diabetes and that the baby in her womb was heavier than its expected weight for age. Jolina gave birth via cesarean section.

In the photo, the actress stated: “Hirap din ng may gestational diabetes, kahit kontrolado mo na ang pagkain, di mo parin masabi iyung effect sa baby.” The actress then admitted that she was worried.

But should pregnant mothers be worried about gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes, from the term ‘gestation,’ is a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. As with other forms of diabetes, gestational diabetes causes elevated blood sugar levels, which might be harmful to you and your baby. But the good news is that gestational diabetes can be controlled through healthy diet, exercise, and medication, if necessary. A controlled blood sugar level can help prevent a difficult birth and keep both mother and baby healthy.

Babies of mothers who have gestational diabetes are at higher risks for:

  • Above normal birth weight because of the extra glucose that passes through the placenta. 
  • Early (preterm) birth due to the high blood sugar level of the mother, which increases her risk for early labor. The attending doctor might also recommend early delivery if the baby in the womb is getting too large.
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) because of the increased production of insulin prior to their birth. Hypoglycemia, when on its severe episodes, can cause seizures in babies.
  • Type 2 diabetes later in life

It is important that gestational diabetes is detected early on during pregnancy in order to give the physician and the mother ample time to control diabetes. Although the test for gestational diabetes is routine for pregnant women, it would be best if you will be proactive and inquire to your doctors about gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes can be prevented through exercise and healthy diet. Pregnant women should opt to consume foods that are high in fiber and low in fat and calories. Their diet should include more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. When you are pregnant, you should always be watchful on your food intake and physical activity and always consult with your physician if you feel anything unusual during your pregnancy.

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