Bettinna Carlos, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio — Homeschooling Moms

The three mothers have shared on their Instagram accounts their family's big decision to take the education of their children right into their own hands.


Celebrity mothers Bettinna Carlos, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio have all decided to skip traditional education and homeschool their children. The three mothers have shared on their Instagram accounts their family’s big decision to take the education of their children right into their own hands.

In homeschooling, the parents will be the main educator of their kids. Instead of letting your kids attend traditional schools (traditional, progressive, Montessori, etc.) as practiced by most families, the kids will have their education at home and other possible venues with their parents as their teachers. Homeschooling though does not limit the kids at ‘home’ as the term implies. In contrary, children can have more time to learn about other things that are not solely limited to academics.

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Everyone may be going back to school but were not starting until September. Yes, @gummybites7 is on vacation but I am also taking this time to teach her the basic disciplines of life as we ease into homeschooling. I wanna make the most of our vacay months by being productive and already integrating life skills into her daily routine. Such as the discipline of praying, having daily devotions and Bible time first thing in the morning. Doing chores to help out not just to earn. Time-telling so she can read na from an analog clock. (And next week calendar-making, time management and scheduling na kami para matuto magbudget ng oras!) Fixing and rearranging our desks and shelves (Homeschooling tip: display objects that can invite your kids' interests AND also a clear space helps everyone think more clearly! Hehe) . And even making her own milk! Hindi na patimpla.😊 Since we'd be travelling and have scheduled playdates with friends and learning groups, I make sure her health is great all the time. By getting enough sleep and giving milk that ensures she's protected. Did you know that G's milk, Nido 5+ doesnt just just give her calcium but also DHA for brain development, Lactobacillus Protectus® with L. rhamnosus® to strengthen her upper respiratory defenses and not to mention Iron, Zinc, Selenium Vitamin A and C too for her immune system? Yup, Nido is really more than just your regular growing up milk! If you're a mom on-the-go like me, you can also have Nido 5+ conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Click the link on my bio to order online! #LoveThatProtects

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Bettinna Carlos has been consistently sharing photos of her daughter having her daily devotion. According to Bettinna, her daughter’s daily devotion does not only develop her daughter’s spiritual relationship with God, but it’s also a way to develop reading comprehension, practice writing, learn history, and expand her vocabulary. This is one of the unique characteristics of homeschooling — you can customize your children’s way of learning according to their interests and merge different concepts or lessons into one fruitful activity.

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It is past 11 and we are working on puzzles. I bought him Melissa and Doug wooden ones a while ago and we wanted to try one before taking a shower. He was so encouraged with the success of his first try that he exclaimed, “YES!!!” Followed by “I want another one!” A true Montessori hallmark reaction but only because of the following reasons: 1) i gave him purposeful work 2) that was developmentally appropriate, not too hard, not too easy, so it builds confidence not laziness and not frustration (appropriation is always unique to the child btw — you can have a child who has been making puzzles since birth, mine’s not like that 🤣🤣🤣 ) 3) the work is also self-correcting, which means the material tells him when it’s wrong so he keeps trying and trying until he gets it right 4) i stopped myself from helping and trusted that the child can do it by himself Hardest part was number four. But the satisfaction of seeing your child discover he has it within him is worth it. And this process is so beautiful because not only is it building his confidence, but it makes him want to do more of this kind of purposeful work!!! We are actually on our third puzzle now. And wow, he is laughing and so happy. @montessorionmars @mama_the_explorer You must be proud of me for not interfering! And also, these are our little steps towards a Montessori way of life with a child. I know you both are cheering me on. To those asking me: YES. You can still start Montessori method even if you haven’t done it since birth. You can shift and change midway. I am not even completely there yet but I see fruits of it that are so good for my child!!! I hope I can learn to apply this beautiful method and philosophy where it is possible! #mamawonders #mamalearns

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In the same way, the nature-loving Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio can also teach her son different things about nature, geography, and other things when they go outdoors. If her son would enroll in a traditional school, they would have limited time to go out to experience nature. Now because of homeschooling, they can bring their scheduled lessons wherever they go and even go further by learning spontaneously about the different things or situations that they would encounter outdoors.

Cheska Garcia-Kramer, mom of three, shared how she rearranged her husband’s office to also serve as their kid’s classroom. Their three adorable kids will be each other’s classmates, thereby strengthening sibling relationship. Since homeschooled children will spend a lot of time with parents and siblings, there is a very big opportunity to impart values and strengthen family relations.

Homeschooling is a very big decision. On top of your usual parenting responsibility, you also take the responsibility of helping your kids in their education. In homeschooling, you do not only teach your kids academically, but you also help them build character, learn values, and you also contribute to the strengthening of their faith. Homeschooling may seem difficult, but a dedicated parent can surpass any difficulty in exchange for having kids with strong character, values, and faith.

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