Cleaning Ninja: 3 Tips on How I Clean My Home Quickly & Efficiently

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3 in our home, thanks to these tips 😉


If there was one thing I dreaded when I walked down that aisle and got married, it was that I have to take on the adulting role of household chores. While I had chores in my parent’s home, nothing beats the realization that my husband and I are now responsible for our home’s care and management.

If managing our own home was not enough, our adulting went up another notch when our child was born. Whereas before we could do with not so shiny floors especially on weeks when we dealt with hell at work, the same will not do once we had a child.

Aside from the ton of responsibilities that parenthood has brought into our lives, maintaining a clean and safe home became even more imperative if we want to ensure our child’s health and well-being. But just like other parents, we don’t have the luxury to dedicate one whole day (nor would we want to!) into cleaning our home, especially since we have to juggle parenting and work duties as well. Good thing we have come up with a few smart tricks on how to clean up our home quickly and efficiently, such as:

Stick to a regular cleaning schedule. One primary realization we’ve had about cleaning is that the longer we put it off, it gets yuckier, more stressful, and more labor intensive. So we’ve figured that the best way to prevent this from happening is to include it in our weekly schedule and stick to it. So basically, the best way to maintain a clean home is to clean it regularly that it doesn’t really get the chance to get too dirty. This way, cleaning up wouldn’t be too time-consuming.

Set up our own system. Another thing we’ve learned early on is to set up our own system or cleaning routine. These days we do it from top to bottom, and left to right, which means that we’ll start from the windows down to the floors and from one side of the room to the next. Doing so minimizes our time spent on running around and ensures that all areas and spaces are covered. Following this cleaning tactic, we start with the windows and then work our way down to other surfaces and then floors.

For the windows and our mirrors, we use Scotch-Brite™’s Squeegee, which ensures a streak-free finish in all glass surfaces thanks to its rubber dryer and the long handles make high windows easy to reach and clean.

For our living room surfaces, we have veered away from using chemical polishes ever since welcoming our child. A few wipes of Scotch-Brite™’s Dusting Cloth (change image) keeps the dust at bay and leaves our furniture clean and shiny. The cloth is made of lint-free microfiber material that doesn’t require any kind of furniture polish and does not leave any lint or fibers behind. Another good thing is that it can be used again and again after washing and drying, definitely sulit considering the number of times one cloth lasts our household.

For our kitchen surfaces, we use Scotch-Brite™’s General Purpose Sponge Cloths to wash and clean our table tops, stove and even sink area. We use another one dedicated to wiping wet surfaces and messes brought about by cooking and family meal times. The sponge-like cloth can absorb liquid as much as 20x of its own weight. Plus the fact that it can be washed and used again makes it a more environment-friendly and economical option than disposable kitchen towels or tissues.

Cleaning up after meals also becomes easier with Scotch-Brite™’s Extra Power Stripping Pad, which strips all the grease away from our pots and pans. However, for our silverware and Teflon-coated cookware, we use Scotch-Brite™’s Delicate Care Scrub Sponge, which ensures a good clean without scratches.

After all the dusting and cleaning of surfaces, the last thing we tackle in the living and kitchen areas is the floors. The first step in our floor routine is to sweep away all the dust and loose kalat with Scotch-Brite™’s Walis Tibay. Unlike the local walis which tends to lose its fibers (thereby adding to the mess we have to clean up) and whose weight tends to get heavier with every sweep, the Walis Tibay’s strong fiber, weave, and lightweight materials ensure a clean and hassle-free sweep every time. After sweeping the exposed floors, the next step is to clean the floors underneath the furniture and appliances. Scotch-Brite™’s Super Duster does this task well thanks to its telescopic head that makes it easy to navigate and reach hard to reach floor areas and narrow spaces. Plus, it has good dust grabbing capabilities and water absorption, so it works well in wiping everyday floor messes as well.

One of the things I personally dread cleaning at home is the bathroom. But at the same time, I hate dirty and grimy bathrooms as well. Good thing Scotch-Brite™’s Bathroom Care products make the task manageable for me. Scotch-Brite™’s Bowl and Rim Brush Set ensures that I don’t get up close and personal with our toilet bowl too much, thanks to its long handle. Plus, it’s U-shaped head can scrub every curve of the bowl. The cover it comes with also ensures that the brush head is protected and that it’s not an eyesore wherever it’s stored. I also love Scotch-Brite™ Non-Scratch Shower & Bathroom Scrubber— it’s pad perfectly cleans all bathroom surfaces and the handle makes it easy to use. Lastly, the Scotch-Brite™ Tile & Grout Brush keeps our tiles white and squeaky-clean, without the dark spots.

So to sum it up, our ultimate tip is this: keep an arsenal of right tools for the job. Good quality materials and products that are made to do the job right can make a whole lot of difference. Scotch-Brite™’s range of home cleaning products are made of high-quality materials that ensure quick and efficient clean with minimal effort.

The good news for parents everywhere is that aside from the fact that Scotch-Brite™’s got us covered (and clean!) with their products, we can easily order and get it anytime, anywhere via their easy to navigate website. So visit and order now for your next round of home cleaning.

*Published with Scotch-Brite™.


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