What is #LetsTalkLetsListen? Find out from Isabelle Daza

Let people coping with mental illnesses know that we got them by reaching out, talking and listening to them 😌


An emotional Isabelle Daza-Semblat bravely talked about mental illness recently in the Will You Still Love Me Event under The Julia Buencamino Project. The social media influencer shared that a lot of people have been reaching out to her, concerned that she might be experiencing post-partum depression. Ironically, it was also through these concerned people that she realized that a lot of people surrounding her are undergoing anxiety or depression but are ashamed to seek help.

She shared how social media made her feel the need to always be relevant, talked about, and the need to post something every day. She became afraid that people might forget her and eventually put her career at risk. She explained about the pressure of keeping up a façade of living a perfect life to show everyone that you’re okay when, in reality, you’re not. Fortunately for her, she had an amazing support system – family, friends, and sports – to get through it.

Isabelle further pointed out the pressure that social media can cause, particularly among teenagers. These teenagers get to see social media influencers and bloggers every day. They see people in social media who are living a seemingly perfect life, flaunting the latest trends in gadgets and clothes, showing their best outfits, and posing in all the picturesque views during their travels. And when these teenagers drop their phones and face their own reality, it would break them up to realize that they do not have that kind of lifestyle. Jealousy arouses, then anxiety, and then depression.

According to Isabelle, she realized that she does not need to experience depression to be sensitive about it. She pointed out how important reaching out to people is. In her own words, she said, “Not being alone is so important when you’re going through this.”


Isabelle participated in the event to advocate for mental illness and hopefully help remove the stigma of mental illness and the perception that it is something that people should be ashamed of. The new mother ended her meaningful piece by encouraging the audience to reach out, make connections, and listen to the people around them.

Mental illness is not so uncommon nowadays. More and more people are suffering from it. Reach out, talk to their hearts, listen to their souls, and maybe you can save a life. If you need help or you know someone who does, do not hesitate to talk to someone about it. Seek help and let someone help you get through it.

Source: Isabelle Daza-Semblat’s Instagram

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