Back to Work Mama: Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla Shares Her Thoughts

Just like any mom, Mariel felt a surge of mommy emotions the day she went back to work after having Isabella ❤️


The bubbly host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla has recently made her showbiz comeback, which meant leaving her toddler Isabella at home. In an interview, Mariel shared how hard it was during her first day back at work to be away from her daughter for the very first time. During her first day at work, Isabella’s Yaya sent her a video showing Isabella knocking on their bedroom, thinking that she was still inside, sleeping.

The scenario broke Mariel’s heart. She admitted breaking down in the hallways of ABS-CBN and even asked the business unit head of the show if she can just report to work three times a day. Mariel’s first day at work was the first time that the mother and daughter were ever separated. In Mariel’s own words, they were always “together forever.”

Upon getting back home and seeing her happy kid, Mariel then realized that everything is fine. She can still spend quality time with her daughter, take care of her, and put her to sleep at night. She’s now affirmed that her daughter will be just fine while she works. At the end of the day, they would still be “together forever” and eventually, Isabella will benefit from her mother’s hard work.

Dealing with emotions when maternity leave is over

After a maternity leave, mothers would have to leave their babies at home with their caregiver and go back to work. And your first day back at work meant leaving your infant for the very first time for one whole day.

Mothers usually experience a surge of overwhelming emotions during their first days back at work – mostly worry, sadness, and guilt. Separation anxiety is very common because you are now spending most of your time away from your baby after days spent together. Guilt may also come from the feeling of inadequacy or the inability to give your best in taking care of your baby and managing your household.

It is important that you know your objectives of being at work to mind. You need to have a firm foundation of your reason for working. In that way, every time you feel like falling apart because of all the emotions, remind yourself that you are doing all these for your baby.

With all your overflowing emotions and stress, it is also important to take some time to breathe. Take a quick bathroom break or take a few minutes outside to walk. Shrug off all the negative emotions that are pulling you down. Your baby is doing fine at home, don’t worry. Breathe and go back to work.

Finally, always think of yourself as a better person! You’re not just a career woman now – you’re a mom too! You’re juggling a lot of things, which might be exhausting, but look at how you’ve improved! Look at all the things that you can now accomplish! You’re now better than ever, mama! So shrug off those emotions, and believe that you are a strong woman that can juggle all the hustle and bustle of work and motherhood.

Source: Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla’s Instagram

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