Support future entrepreneurs at Commercenter Alabang’s BIZ KIDS!

Join Biz Kids and encourage your kids to start their own biz 😉


Join Commercenter Alabang in encouraging and enabling next-generation entrepreneurs with BIZ KIDS! A fun and unique business expo for kids happening on July 28-29, 2018 at the mall’s main activity area, the fair will let kids who possess that entrepreneurial flair showcase and sell their self-made products.

Kids selling various products such as home-made food and beverages, arts and crafts, hand-made accessories, and other products that they made themselves will be headlining this “kiddie start-up incubator,” which aims to help business-minded youngsters get a taste of real business experience.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this is especially important if we want to raise entrepreneurs,” shares Leslie Tagle-Dinglasan, AVP for Marketing of Commercenter. “We hope that the community could come and join us this weekend to motivate and support our twelve kiddiepreneurs as they get first-hand experience in running a business.”

Here’s the list of the twelve selected kiddie ventures and the products they will sell at the BIZ KIDS weekend fair:

  • Crafty Chicks: Baby Garden (plant), Little Pets (aquarium), or Cakelicious (dessert) in a mason jar, a.k.a. “Jars O’Fun”
  • Esra & Nyanya Good Goods: Cupcakes, Yema Cakes, Sugar Cookies and Hand Sanitizers
  • Help Me Grow: Potted plants or succulents in “upcycled” containers
  • KiddiEssentials: Kid-safe essential oil rollers and spray bottles, lip balms and stickers
  • Kiddos Artsy Farmers Café: Arts and Crafts, and Fruit Juices
  • Little Chef Nuggets: Pure chicken nuggets that are 100% free from preservatives
  • Little Ladies VCK: Starry Star Slime (made from glue and food coloring), Flower Power, Soapy Bunny, and Soaper Star (molded soaps made from natural ingredients), and Banana Loafey Cake and Ooey Gooey Crinkles (baked goods)
  • Mini Moo Wagyu Sticks: Wagyu cubes cooked on an electric grill, with the customer’s choice of salt blends, and Moringa Lemon Juice
  • Noah & Luke’s Good Eats: Chicken & Ham Crepes, Faux Butterfinger Bars, and Sago’t Gulaman
  • Santi’s Chips of Joy: Choco Chip Cookies, Choco Chip Muffin, Cheese Sandwich
  • Sweet Stop: Pre-baked cupcakes that customers can frost and top on the spot, aptly named “Cutecakes”
  • Lalaloopsy Jewelries by Asha: Personalized bracelets, ID laces, necklaces, and other accessories

An exception to the 5-12 years old age limit, Lalaloopsy Jewelries by Asha is the brainchild of 19-year-old guest entrepreneur Asha Rein Amil, a special needs individual who’s selflessly raising funds for kids like herself through her small business.

“Our team unanimously decided to let her join the event,” says Tagle-Dinglasan. “We were moved not just by her motivation to become an entrepreneur despite her condition, but also by her desire to help kids like her. She’s an inspiration.”

Aside from shopping, guests can also vote for their favorite business ventures at the weekend mini-expo. At the end of the two-day fair is the BIZ KIDS Awards, which has five categories: Most Innovative Biz, Crowd Favorite, Best Booth Design, Most Creative Marketer, and Sales Genius (Food Category, Artwork Category, and Handicrafts Category).

“Down the road, we hope that these kiddieventures could become business enterprises that will provide jobs and contribute to the country’s economy,” quips Tagle-Dinglasan. “When that happens, they can look back at this event as one of their early milestones, and they’ll be thankful to all the customers they had for the weekend.”


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