Primo Arellano Turns 2 – And What to Expect From Your 2-Year-Olds

Brace yourselves, mothers! And let’s see what’s in store for us from our playful two-year-olds 😅


Iya Villania-Arellano is now a mother of two. And just recently, her eldest son, Primo celebrated his second birthday. The little boy just looks so adorable and seems to be really enjoying his birthday. We’re sure that his parents are looking forward to all the new exciting things that Primo’s second year has to offer.

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And just like that, we have a 2yr old! 😆 We decided to keep it simple again this year. I set-up balloons at home so that he’d wake up to them that morning while the Lola prepared spaghetti and chicken fingers to bring to school where we celebrated during snack time with the teachers, mamas and his 5 other classmates 😆 we had an awesome cake that not only looked good but tasted good too from @tazzycakesph! And Nicole from @arteegram_manila gave a really neat idea to have personalised gift bags made to give away to Primo’s classmates even if we weren’t having a big celebration 😆 The bags were packed with all of our faves and even more! So much more that it didn’t all fit in one bag 😂❤️ So thank you to everyone who made this boys day special ❤️

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Toddlerhood is both an exciting and exhausting stage. It is during this stage that your child gets to experience a lot of new things and slowly develop independence.  As for the exhausting part, be prepared to continuously watch your toddlers as they run around with your hearts pounding every time you see them almost tripping.  You also need to stock up on patience as you let them take their time as they put on their shoes, choose their clothes, and even wear their own clothes.

Brace yourselves, mothers! And let’s see what’s in store for us from our playful two-year-olds!

Physical Development

A two-year-old child will start jumping around, with both feet up the ground. By this time, your child has to have enough balance to do so. Mothers should keep their composure as they see their exploring toddlers climb the stairs by themselves, using one foot at a time. We should also prepare materials that will allow them to practice scribbling.


A child’s 24th month is usually the time to assess whether a child is on track with his/her speech or language. At this age, a child should have a vocabulary of 50 words and can put together a sensible sentence. Do not worry about pronunciation at this stage. Not all words at this time will be completely understandable. Just continue to engage with your kids. That will enhance their language skills.

Social Development

Parallel play, or playing next to (note: not with) another child, is a hit at this stage. This is how they would start to be more socially interactive. During this stage, it is important that parents start to expose their child to other kids. Let them have their playtime with their cousins or go out with your friends who have kids. That’s an instant breather for you, Mom!


I know we’re all waiting for this, so here’s the big word: tantrums! It is not unusual for kids of this age to have tantrums. But please, let’s not take it against our kids. It’s actually part of the process, as our child becomes more independent and trying to test boundaries. It also happens when your child experiences big emotions that he/she still cannot fully verbalize such as anger, fear, and frustrations.

Some people call it the terrible two stage because of the tantrums, but let’s try to be more understanding and patient as parents.  They are not terrible. They are just in a phase where they want to experience independence, so let them. Suppressing them might only lead to frustration and anger and thereby, tantrums! It’s always easier said than done but let’s try to achieve a balance between letting them have their independence and setting appropriate limits.

Sources: Parents, Iya Villania-Arellano’s Instagram

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