Preggy Mom Commute: How to Make It Less Stressful

Digmaan-feels in your daily commute to work? & oh, you're pregnant 🤰🏻 Well, here are a few tips that might help you out 😉


Morning sickness, shortness of breath, a growing belly (or body!), heaviness and pamamanas. These are just some of the things a woman goes through during pregnancy. Now, imagine going through all these WHILE also commuting to work. Don’t you wish you can just stay home and hope that money grows on trees?

Here are five tips from fellow moms on how to make the daily commute to work less stressful while pregnant.

Be a girl scout – always be prepared.

Always have snacks or candies with you when you commute. This helps not only to satisfy your seemingly insatiable hunger, but it can also help when you feel nauseous or want to throw up.

If you need to, also bring a small pillow for your back, a bottle of water or balms that you may need. Just make sure that whatever balm you use has been ok’d by your doctor as safe to use during pregnancy.

Use special lanes.

There are usually special lanes for pregnant women along with PWD and elderly in transport terminals. The MRT/LRT also has a train-coach where only women are allowed. Make use of these to avoid the long wait or the crowd. You may also want to bring a copy of your ultrasound film if you feel the need to prove your pregnancy.

Pay for convenience.

If possible and able, book a taxi or a TNVS to avoid long lines, delays, and discomfort during the commute. And when you do, some believe that it is safest to sit behind the driver, though I have yet to see a study that proves this to be true.

Have faith in humanity.

When you see a crowded jeep or a long queue, don’t turn your back right away. Some moms have actually experienced being helped by fellow commuters get up and inside the jeep, or have been offered seats. Have faith, because there are still kind people out there.

Bring a buddy.

If your husband or partner is unable to accompany you to work, try to look for a commute buddy who can help you during the commute – whether it’s carrying your stuff, getting on and off vehicles or simply keeping you company. It somehow gives confidence too when you know that someone has your back – literally!

Always remember that safety comes first and should never be compromised. If on some days you feel that you are unable to commute to work or that it may pose risks to your pregnancy, then it would be best to take a rest instead. Depending on the nature of your work, you may consider talking to your boss regarding flexible work arrangements such as working from home or adjusting schedules so you can avoid the rush hour. And of course, always seek guidance from your OB because every pregnancy is different.

Special thanks to mommies Knic, Des, Cicely, Mk, Ines, Michelle, Ruzell, Frances, Gwen, Lane, Dee, and Karen for sharing their tried and tested commuting tips for pregnant mommas.

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