Andi Manzano-Reyes’ Celebrates Her Baby Shower at Fabella

After lighting up the BGC skyline with her new baby's gender, Andi cheers up new moms at the Fabella hospital with a baby shower 🤰🏻


After lighting up BGC for her grand gender reveal party, Andi Manzano-Reyes held a quite different baby shower. As we all know, a baby shower is done to celebrate motherhood and the coming of a new baby. The mother and the baby receive well wishes and welcome gifts.

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This is what I did for my Baby Shower. New Vlog up — link in my bio❤️ . . I visited Fabella Hospital last week (they say its the Ground Zero for mother’s giving birth in the Philippines — the busiest maternity ward in the country). When you enter the place its 3-4 moms per bed with their newborn babies. Hundreds of mom’s give birth there a day and you’ll notice that every ten minutes there’s a new mother coming in with a new born baby. . . . We gave the moms @pampersph gift bags with New Born Baby Dry diapers and mittens. A starter kit for their new chapter in life. As a mother I wanted to share what helped me through motherhood and the first few days of giving birth. Olivia was a Pampers baby and so was I – and we never had rashes growing up, thanks to Pampers Baby Dry! That's why every newborn deserves the best and I believe our little Pampers care package was the perfect gift. . . I want to thank Pampers and the staff of Fabella for their big hearts. Hopefully this will not be the last visit ❤️🙏🏻

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Instead of being the star of the show, Andi did her baby shower differently by sharing her good wishes and giving out welcome gifts to mothers who recently gave birth in Fabella Hospital. Fabella Hospital is known to cater to a lot of mothers for the delivery of their babies.

In the hospital’s latest available report, the hospital catered to at least 13,000 deliveries in 2016. It is said to be the busiest maternity ward in the country. As Andi shared, 3-4 mothers together with their newborns had to share one bed and hundreds of mothers give birth there in a day.

Andi decided to do an outreach program in Fabella Hospital for her baby shower. She reached out to as much as 108 mothers who just gave birth with the intention to show the new mothers how to take care of themselves and of their newborn babies.

In her video blog, Andi shared some of her thoughts about motherhood to the new mothers. The blooming and expecting mother excitedly told everyone that seeing all the mothers and their babies made her want to give birth in that instant. She even had a chance to be personal with some of the mothers who gladly and openly shared their thoughts with Andi. According to Andi, she felt the peace and glow of motherhood as she talked to the new mothers.

As a gift, Andi distributed starter kits or care package that included a few diapers and a pair of mittens. Such a gesture of reaching out to new mothers is so humbling. Considering the fear and stress that the new mothers might be experiencing amidst the excitement, the outreach program for sure had made the mothers felt renewed and comforted.

Although the intention of the baby shower was to share and to give, Andi said that “In the end, it was I who received and came out with a heart that is full and blessed.”

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