Artsy Kiddo: Why Letting Your Toddler Get Messy and Creative is a Good Thing

Luna Santos-Agoncillo is proof that toddlers + paints is a good thing 😍


Supermom and actress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo recently shared a photo of her youngest daughter, Luna’s painting. The painting features an elephant under a tree against a colorful background. Luna’s fine motor skills are evident in the artwork, as she was able to create straight boundaries and realistic silhouettes.

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Our little artist. ❤️❤️

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Exposing toddlers such as Luna to arts such as painting has a lot of advantages in terms of their learning and development. Aside from painting, other visual arts that can interest toddlers are drawing or coloring pictures, finger-painting, and folding or cutting papers, among others. All of these activities allow toddlers to:

  • Exercise and develop all kinds of fine motor skills as they keep their feet on the ground while painting and ensure a good grasp of a paintbrush, crayons, papers, or scissors.
  • Boost their hand-eye coordination as they paint or color the parts of their artwork, ensuring that their hand movement executes the points or parts that they intend to paint or color.
  • Stimulate their senses as they get exposed to different textures such as paint, colors, and smooth, glossy, or textured papers.
  • Encourage their creativity and express their thoughts or ideas. Painting is another way of communicating their feelings or emotions.
  • Visual art is a good activity for toddlers as they are highly interested in learning about colors, shapes, and lines. They are in a stage of exploring their capability in visual arts and just simply playing with all the colors, shapes, and lines that they are continuously learning.
  • Their doodles, random dots and swipes, and messy finger/hand prints may seem just plain mess in the eyes of the adults but they are masterpieces of these young artists. A dot may be a house for them or a line may be an elephant for them.

Some toddlers may express interest in doing these activities, while some may not. The important thing is to provide a stimulating environment that would encourage their creativity. A child may simply create a line or drop a paint. Just let them. It may seem unfinished, but what’s important is they were allowed to explore and express himself or herself through art.

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