Christmas Lakwatsa: Where and How to Spend a Meaningful Holiday with the Family

Don't get caught up in the Holiday frenzy and spend a meaningful Pasko with your family with our tips 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤️


“Sa may bahay, ang aming bati: Merry Christmas na mal’walhati.”  Can you hear it now fellow mommas? Can you almost feel the Christmas spirit? A few more weeks and we’ll start hearing Christmas carols being sung loudly in front of our houses. Christmas is here, mommies!

No doubt your calendars are getting filled up at the moment. It is during the holiday season that Filipinos usually have their get-togethers. You’ll be getting invites to gatherings here and there with friends, classmates, former workmates, current workmates, and of course, family.

With all the gatherings we have to attend, our minds are consistently having a run through of the children that we might be seeing and our minds have been busy making mental notes of gifts that they might appreciate. And with every invite, we haggle that the meeting time would not be during rush hour to avoid traffic even if you know so well that with the Christmas rush, traffic is just too bad day in and day out.

Oh, the busyness of the holiday season! But mommies, let’s keep in mind that amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, we have to prioritize family time. Let’s spend the holidays with our loved ones. Let’s indulge them with our love and time. Similarly, let’s indulge in their love and time too. Most importantly, let’s celebrate with them the real essence of the holidays – the birth of Jesus.

Christmas season could be considered the most important season of the year as friends and families get together to celebrate. It’s the season of love, gift giving, and spending time with your loved ones.

Some families usually spend the holidays at home while other families opt to spend it somewhere else and have their family vacation. Husbands and wives should agree on how the family will spend the most important season of the year. But how do we do it? Here are some important factors that you and your husband might want to consider when discussing where or how you would spend your holidays:

Is it something that all members of the family would enjoy? It is important that all family members would enjoy whatever you’ll be doing. It’s Christmas. It’s a joyful season, everyone should enjoy!

What is the cost? Yes, it’s the time to indulge but do it within your means. Remember that a new year is just about to start and you wouldn’t want to be worried about money at the start of a new year, would you?

How long is the travel time? Sometimes we’d want to escape the busy city and have a quiet and peaceful time away. A long travel time might bore the kids, leave your husband tired from driving, and make your vacation shorter by almost a day. So it is important to consider travel time.

Is it aligned with your family values or holiday traditions? Christmas is celebrated once a year and it is important that we expose our kids to family traditions and values that we want them to embrace.

Yes, it is the wife who usually finalizes the calendar of the family, but the husband’s input is of no lesser importance. So mommies, before filling up those calendars, consult your husband and discuss these points with them and let the decision come from both of you. Merry Christmas, moms!

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