The Pratties Welcome Their Second Child – Freedom


With just about a month before the year ends, the “Pratties” welcomed the newest member of their family. On an Instagram post, John Prats proudly announced the birth of their second baby – Freedom Prats.

In her blog, Isabel Oli-Prats, who is now a mother of two, shared her journey on her second pregnancy. According to Isabel, they wanted to have a second child around the time when their first born, Feather, would turn one. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and going through the negative pregnancy tests and monthly periods had her anxious and distressed.

After two years of trying to conceive, they were finally blessed with their second child. It was around June of this year when the couple publicly shared the exciting news about their second child and even shared a gender reveal video blog.

The much-awaited second baby was great news to the couple. However, Isabel had a complicated pregnancy and was advised to be on bed rest resulting to canceled family trips and TV commitments. Furthermore, her morning sickness was way worse than her pregnancy with Feather.

Around her fifth month, she was finally cleared from bed rest. The mom was back in action! She got back to work but suffered from over fatigue, hence was again advised to go on bed rest. According to Isabel, her second pregnancy may be challenging but she considers it one of her life’s biggest blessing and miracle.

As she embraced all the challenges on her pregnancy, Isabel shared some photos of her maternity photo shoot via Instagram where we see a glowing and joyful mother.

And finally, before giving birth, the growing family was able to get away and have their much-deserved vacation.

On her husbands’ most recent post, he recognized the pain and challenges that her wife had to go through.

Isabel Oli-Prats exemplified how it is to remain positive, fight, and get back on your feet after being anxious and physically distressed during pregnancy. As they say, every pregnancy is unique. We recognize that all mothers have their own unique challenges and way of getting back on their feet again for the sake of the new life that they are carrying on their womb.

Source: Isabel Oli-Prats’ Instagram, John Prats’ Instagram

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