Andi Manzano-Reyes and GP Reyes Welcome New Baby – Amelia

Congratulations to the new parents, and cutey-pie Ate Olivia! 😍


Andi Manzano-Reyes is now a mother of two! Amelia, GP and Andi’s second princess was born last January 19. Andi announced Amelia’s birth through an Instagram post where she also shared that she had a long and challenging delivery.

Even more excited than the mom and dad is the new ate, Olivia. According to Andi, Olivia used to give Amelia, while she was still in her tummy, goodnight kisses and I love you’s. Olivia even promised her little sister that she would be the best big sister ever. And when her little sister came out, oh just look how excited the ate was! She didn’t even get scared of carrying her fragile newborn sister.

We might recall that the Reyes’ had a grand Hampton-themed gender reveal party where almost the whole of BGC was lit up — thanks to a giant billboard with pink lights announcing another baby GIRL.

After the gender reveal with their friends and family, Andi then had her baby shower with mommies who have just given birth at the Fabella Hospital. Andi shared some tips on her previous and current pregnancies and also gave gift bags for their newborns.

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This is what I did for my Baby Shower. New Vlog up — link in my bio❤️ . . I visited Fabella Hospital last week (they say its the Ground Zero for mother’s giving birth in the Philippines — the busiest maternity ward in the country). When you enter the place its 3-4 moms per bed with their newborn babies. Hundreds of mom’s give birth there a day and you’ll notice that every ten minutes there’s a new mother coming in with a new born baby. . . . We gave the moms @pampersph gift bags with New Born Baby Dry diapers and mittens. A starter kit for their new chapter in life. As a mother I wanted to share what helped me through motherhood and the first few days of giving birth. Olivia was a Pampers baby and so was I – and we never had rashes growing up, thanks to Pampers Baby Dry! That's why every newborn deserves the best and I believe our little Pampers care package was the perfect gift. . . I want to thank Pampers and the staff of Fabella for their big hearts. Hopefully this will not be the last visit ❤️🙏🏻

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As a last hurrah before the big day, they held a roller disco-themed baby shower, this time with family and friends. Just look at the excited ate rocking her disco-themed outfit.

At 39 weeks, Andi shared some of her maternity shoots. Although it is a maternity shoot, Olivia was always in the scene with her mom. Such a sweet little girl!

Finally, last 19 January, little Amelia came out. Andi and GP are now parents of two and Olivia is now a certified big sister! Congratulations to the whole Reyes family! We’re excited to see more of you, Baby Amelia! You’ll surely be a charmer just like your ate.

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