Miriam Quiambao-Roberto Gives Birth to Her Miracle Baby at 43!

Congratulations and welcome baby Elijah! 👶🏻


After much anticipation, former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao-Roberto finally gave birth to her second son with entrepreneur Ardy Roberto. The newest member of the family, Elijah Roberto, was born on 16 February 2019, two days after Valentine’s day.

The second-time mom was admitted at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center after her 34th-month ultrasound. Doctors found out that she’s already 1cm dilated so doctors decided to admit her in the hospital to ensure her and the baby’s safety. A few days later, Elijah was delivered through an emergency cesarean section. Despite being a few weeks early, the adorable little boy was born perfectly fine and was a ‘model breastfeeder’ as his father fondly calls him. 

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Introducing Elijah Roberto! Thank you all for praying with us. Elijah was born at 7:32pm on Feb 16, 2019 under emergency cesarean procedure led by @dr.beckysingson. He weighed 4lbs 7oz., cried heartily, had an Apgar score of 10 and has a perfect latch. Glory to God for answered prayers! So grateful to God for this wonderful gift! . 1 Samuel 1:27-28 I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” . #PregnantAt43 #MiracleBaby #GodIsGood #JourneyToDeliveryDay5 #GiftFromGod #MyAsianStory ———————————- Repost from @ardyroberto . Welcome to the world, Elijah! Thanks for your prayers! Everything went well with the emergency CS tonight. Had a great team led by @dr.beckysingson, so blessed and overwhelmed by God's goodness! . More to come… Have to take care of my wifey now as she recovers from the procedure. Pls continue to pray for her.. Baby's fine and was a model breast feeder. 🙂 God is soooo good! . #miraclebaby #babyelijah #MyAsianStory #gratefultoGod #ElijahRoberto

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Miriam publicly announced her second pregnancy through an Instagram post. The couple considers their second baby a miracle. According to her, she and her husband have been praying for a second baby for the past four years. They actually looked at options like adoption and conceiving via IVF, but through their strong faith, God blessed them with a miracle of a baby conceived naturally. 

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Thanking God for the miracle of life and for answering our prayers. Ardy @ardyroberto and I have been praying to get pregnant for the past 4 years. In June 2018, we were resigned that perhaps God will answer our prayers through the miracle of adoption or through IVF but Praise God who is the author of miracles and the creator of life! By His grace, He rewarded our faith with the greatest gift: a baby conceived naturally!!! 🙌🏼 There is more to this story and will be sharing it in my blog soon! Watch out for it! . Thank you to all who prayed for us and do keep us in your prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy! May God bless you and answer your prayers too! #GodAnswersPrayers #PregnantAt43 #MiracleBaby #9WeeksPregnant

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This pregnancy journey was quite a challenge for Miriam. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, which is commonly called APAS. This required her to inject anticoagulant every night leaving bruises on her growing belly. 

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Twenty-five weeks and counting!! I’m about 6 months and a week along in my pregnancy journey and enjoying every minute of it! . My belly is growing every week (now as big as a soccer ball) and I have started to feel my baby boy’s kicks becoming stronger and more frequent nowadays. A few more months to go! . I’m making sure to prevent stretch marks (my mom had lots) and grateful for the @palmers cocoa butter formula stretch mark survival kit. I apply it after every shower to make sure my skin is moisturized. I also ask my husband to help apply it on me at bedtime as he talks to and prays over my belly. I love this bonding time! . @palmers products available at @rustansthebeautysource . Wearing black @bellybandit maternity support wear from @thenest_attachmentparentinghub. . Photo credit: The Hubby @ardyroberto #25WeeksPregnant #PregnantAt43 #PalmersPh

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As this was a risky pregnancy, Miriam was not encouraged to take on any long-distance travel so as to avoid unnecessary stress and infection. She had to cancel all confirmed talks within the country as well as outside the country, such as Hawaii, Singapore, Korea, and the US. Oh, the sacrifices a mother would do for the health of her baby!

After four years into their marriage, the couple Miriam and Ardy were finally blessed with their miracle baby. Despite her age at 43, the couple believes that it is their strong faith in God that allowed the conception of Elijah. The pregnancy was not easy, but Miriam faithfully endured and sacrificed a lot. As they say, the baby is always worth all the sacrifices of a mother. Indeed, the miracle baby Elijah is worth the wait, the nightly injections, and all other sacrifices that Miriam had to make.

Congratulations, Miriam and Ardy! We are looking forward to seeing more of your miracle baby!

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