Sunny Days are Coming! 6 Summer Activities for Your Kids

Every summer has a story: Your kids will definitely remember this summer thanks to these activities 😉


A 50-day break from school is a perfect time to allow our kids to take a breather from tedious school works. However, the summer break should not mean that kids can just waste the day away in front of the television and their phones. If you’re a mom who wants to fill their kid’s summer with fun learning activities, we have good news for you – the metro is filled with summer schools offering enjoyable and helpful school break activities that will help develop and improve your children’s innate talents. If you’re considering investing in summer classes this school break, here are some activities to consider.

Activities that Build Confidence

Building confidence in the early years can help your children in the long run. When a child’s confidence is tapped and improved, he can do great things. When looking for great summer activities around Metro Manila, consider lessons that can build your child’s confidence the fun way.

Manila for Kids offers several confidence-boosting summer classes for kids as young as 6 months. Let your tyke and toddlers discover what they can achieve through play with Play Work’s summer programs ( Uncover your child’s talent in public speaking and communication by enrolling them in Icon Image Consulting’s 9 Sessions for Public Speaking (contact [email protected]). Help your teens discover their true path and destiny with the guidance of mentors and career experts with Abot Tala’s “Your Life, Your Learning” Summer Mentoring Program for Teens.

Activities that Develop Useful Skills

Apart from being fun and engaging, you should also invest in summer classes that assist in developing useful skills in your kids. You’ll never know how far acquired skills can take your child! Swimming lessons are a big hit among parents and kids because they’re not only super enjoyable – they also teach a useful skill that your kids can use for safety and fun. Swimming also teaches them discipline and how to overcome their fears. Check out for the list of their swimming lessons.

Enrolling your kids to cooking and baking lessons is a great way to jumpstart their introduction to real life. Various kitchen crafts help teach self-reliance and creativity to children. Allow them to become more ready at life by availing the Cooking and Baking Workshops from The Culinary Studio!

Activities that Help Kids Love Sports

Numerous studies have shown how sports help kids develop teamwork, resilience, discipline, communication skills, leadership, and respect. Investing in quality sports clinics for this summer can bring out your child’s love for sports and the essential skills that come with it. The most popular sports clinic in the metro is Milo Sports Clinic – a place dedicated to developing your children’s love for sports. Harness your child’s talent in badminton, basketball, chess, taekwondo, gymnastics, tennis, and so much more with Milo Sports Clinic.

If you want your child to develop a love for the classic sport of archery, you can also avail of the Archery Academy’s Summer Program.

Activities that Bring Out The Whiz in Your Kids

Whether you want your kids to learn new subjects for the upcoming school year or just sharpen what they already know,  going for summer classes that help bring out your children’s academic skills is a good way to go. Since your kids are already free from school work, you can help them improve their whiz and skill through specialized academic programs.

Go for MyEyeLevel’s 2-week summer program if you want your child to excel at Math and English. Feed your child’s love for everything Science with The Mind Museum’s Junior Mind Mover Program. Help prepare your kids well for another school year with the help of BrainRx summer training. Lego’s Build and Play program – one that helps boost your kids’ analytical skills and imagination – also has fun lessons for toddlers and tweens!

Activities that Improve Creativity

Does your kid exhibit a love for arts? Do they show promise when it comes to writing? Do they express themselves well with music? Nurture your child’s budding talents with the help of art-centered summer activities in Metro Manila.

If you want to develop your child’s skills in music and performing arts enroll them to the  Musical Theater Workshops facilitated by Rony Fortich. Uncover your kid’s artistic prowess with the help of BrainLight Learning Center’s Arts and Crafts classes. Ensure your young writer gets all the training she needs with the assistance of Teacher Maloy Luakian. Make this summer, a time for improving and developing creativity.

Activities through Camps

Camps for kids and teens not only produce amazing summer memories – but it can also help teach your kids important life skills such as the ability to socialize, decide, and obey rules. Camps also bring out the confidence out of your child. If you feel that camp is what your little adventurer needs, enroll them to Super Camp – a 7-day summer program that will instill social skills, academic mindset, positive disposition, effective life hacks, and responsive leadership to tweens and teens alike.

Make the most out of your family’s summer with summer classes for kids. There are so many summer activities around Metro Manila that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re unsure where to find all the awesome summer offerings, just visit Make this summer a summer to remember by incorporating learning and fun.

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