Patty Laurel-Filart Shares How Traveling with Kids can be a Breeze

Itching to go on that family trip? Minimize tantrums and stresses with these tips from Mommy Patty 😉


It’s summertime, dear mommies! After being in school for several months, it’s time for the little kiddos to relax and enjoy their summer vacation. Time to play around and enjoy the summer sun! So, where is the family off to?

Summer is indeed, a good time to fill our little children’s love tank with travel and vacations. But we have to admit it – traveling with children is not always a breeze. We might have to consider a lot of things and adjust to certain factors when traveling with our little kids.

If you’re a follower of Patty Laurel-Filart, you’d know that their family of four recently visited Singapore. The couple, Patty and Patrick Filart, together with their children Theo, a three-year-old, and Astrid, who just turned a year old, went around Singapore and had fun at Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa.

Following their trip, the cool mom shared on Instagram some tips that could make traveling with kids easier.

Consider your kids’ sleeping schedule.

When planning your activities or itinerary, always keep in mind your child’s sleeping schedule. By letting your kids have enough rest in between activities, they will be more tolerable to another series of activities. According to Patty, she has observed that her kids have fewer meltdowns when they have proper naps.

Book online and get an express pass.

We all know how short our kids’ attention spans can be. So trying to minimize long lines for attractions as much as possible can possibly keep them more comfortable. Save them from uneasiness and save your sanity!

Go with the flow.

Things may not always turn out the way you planned it to. There are a lot of factors that may come into play that might suddenly cause you to change the itinerary or maybe your child’s mood would suddenly suggest that it’s a wrap. Patty shared that she has learned to manage her expectations when traveling with kids and shared that memories are more important than ticking all the activities on your list.

Work as a team.

It is important to be sensitive about your partner’s load. When the husband sees that the wife is overwhelmed, the husband should take over. It goes both ways, of course. Even when traveling, couples should work as a team.

Pray for divine intervention

Pray not just for the kids to be calm and everything to go as planned, but more importantly, pray that your family would be spared from harm during your travel.

Happy trip!

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So a lot of you have been asking for tips on how to travel with small children, here are my personal tips– you can tweak this because each family set up is different and you know what's best for your team! 1. Create an itinerary with your kids' sleep schedule in mind. Giving your kids ample rest in between activities will really help them physically+emotionally handle the packed itinerary. I find that when my kids are well rested, there are less meltdowns and they are just in a better mood when we clock in a proper nap. Even the happiest, most angelic kid ever can get cranky too, and often times it can be cured with SLEEP. And chocolates, hehe, that's for me pala!! 🤣 When we travel, we take a mandatory family siesta after lunch, then when the kids wake up we step out again to do more exploring. We allow for a little wiggle room of course and are more flexible when on vacay mode, but really the idea is to take breaks in between as much as we can for the sake of the kids. Often times as adults we think go-go-go, but we also have to remember that they still have tiny bodies that need proper rest even on vacation! 2. When planning your itinerary, you can save time by booking online and getting an Express pass. The heat was intense but we still managed to maximize our time with our Express Pass! If you have small kids, I highly recommend getting this to skip the long lines and avoid hearing Mom, Mom, Mom 3000 times while under the heat of the sun ! 😂 I promise, you will thank me 👍 3. TAKE IT SLOW and Go With the Flow. I've learned to just manage my expectations when it comes to travelling with little ones. There are a lot of factors and logistics to consider so it's really tricky to plan. It's okay if you miss 8 out of 10 things you had on your wishlist, making solid memories with your kiddos even with just 2 out of 10 will be more than enough.. Trust me ♥️ 4. Be a Team!When I'm about to go cray cray, my husband always comes to the rescue. Saluhan talaga kayo, that's the only way to survive and actually have FUN with the kids. TEAMWORK❤ 5. Pray for divine intervention. Kasi kailangan natin lahat yan. 🤣 HAHA

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