Dear Moms, Don’t Forget It’s Father’s Day

It's the dads' turn now, Mamas 😉


Fathers – they are just as amazing as moms. But, let’s face it – they don’t always get the recognition or the appreciation they deserve, even on their special day. Don’t let this upcoming Father’s day go to waste and surprise him with activities that will let him know how much you love and appreciate him. Celebrating the fathers in your life need not be expensive – here are simple dad date ideas to let the men in your life know they’re special.

Celebrate your Husband

Couple Getaway

Every wife can attest to this – the question “how to celebrate father’s day?” becomes all too common in June. Some wives go overboard, unsure about what to give to their significant others. But men aren’t complicated and sometimes, all they need is time alone with their wives.

It’s so easy to get caught up with our family’s (especially that of the kids’) needs every day that spending time with your partner becomes a luxury. The best way to celebrate father’s day is to give time for your husband. Plan a quick couple getaway without the kids. You can book a quick staycation in one of the hotels in the Metro, or cozy up in one of your favorite travel destinations. Love is best spelled with T-I-M-E; make father’s day extra special by giving your total time and attention to your other half.  

Let Him Take the Lead

Fathers can be truly selfless. A dad can sacrifice what he wants for the needs of his wife and his kids. This father’s day, treat him on dates he really wants. Watch basketball live with him. Treat him to his favorite restaurant. Splurge on that movie he’s been dying to see. Shop with him (or shop for him). If your husband goes on great lengths to make you feel like a queen, make him feel like a king on Father’s day.

Bring Back Yesterday

Parenthood can take a toll on the husband and wife, and it’s easy to put romance aside. This father’s day, bring that spark back by going on dates you used to enjoy when you were still single. Explore the amusement park you used to frequent. Re-visit your old tambayan (hangouts). Hang out in your favorite spot. Not only are these activities #tipiddates – but they also allow you to feel all the kilig all over again.

Celebrate your Dad

Father’s day is not just for husbands. The third of June is also a great time to show love and appreciation for your fathers. Wondering how to make your first love feel wonderful? Here are several ideas:

Backyard Dates with Dad

Gather the entire family and enjoy quality time with that. Nothing means more to fathers than seeing his kids and grandkids. Create a small program to honor him. This simple yet sweet gesture is enough to make him feel special.

Join Him in His Favorite Activities

It’s easy to feel recognized when people care about what you want to do. This father’s day, take the time to ask your dad what he wants to do most. Go the extra mile and take the time to join him in his favorite activities.

Celebrating Father’s day should not feel too difficult or complicated. Shift the focus on your husband, or your dad, and discover what makes them feel extraordinary. Make them the star of that day. Let your love and creativity be your guide in planning for dad dates this father’s day – they will never fail you.

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