Andi Eigenmann on Having Two Girls: “Won’t Be Easy But Much More Precious”

Congratulations to the new mama of 2 and Ate Ellie! ❤️


Andi Eigenmann’s latest Instagram post – a snap of firstborn Ellie and baby sister, Lilo – has captured lots of hearts. Two days after Andi Eigenmann gave birth, the actress posted a touching message that perhaps every mom-of-girls knows in her heart – having girls isn’t easy, but it sure makes life more precious. 

Looking at Lilo with love, the Instagram shot was proof that Ellie was winning in the “new Ate” department. It doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that Ellie just couldn’t hold her excited smiles whenever she joined her mom’s belly shots. In the actress’ Instagram stories, Ellie’s fondness towards her new baby sister is evident. Andi noted, “Ellie changed my life and made it so much better.” With Lilo’s arrival, Andi feels like she has “ come alive once again.”

The 29-year old – who has since shared sweet photos of both the girls and partner Philmar Alipayo – admitted that having one more human being to raise won’t be easy. However, the beautiful new momma also shared her excitement on how “precious” each moment is going to be now that she has two girls to love and nurture. 

Eigenmann admits that being a mom of two kids has not yet sunk in on her. However, the new momma-of-two shares her gratitude for having “two beautiful souls” in her life. Amidst childbirth and the new adjustments, Andi still just couldn’t help but feel “so excited” for life with her two little girls.

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