5 Simple & Budget-Friendly 7th Birthday Ideas

Any celebration is good as long as the little one feels loved! 🎉🥳


Growing up, many of you may have witnessed and taken part in a few to many 7th birthday celebrations of cousins or friends. Holding a grand party in celebration of a child’s 7th birthday has become a Filipino tradition practised by a lot of families.

There might not be a definite reason for this but most people say that the 7th birthday is significant because the child is reaching a few milestones – being more independent and being more morally sound (knowing right and wrong). Academically, the child has also achieved the completion of his preschool years and is now gearing up for the big school.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate your child’s 7th birthday. Some families opt to celebrate it simply with close family and friends, while some families willingly celebrate it ‘grandly’ because as they say, “Minsan lang naman ito.” (“This only happens once.”) Here are some ways on how you can celebrate your child’s 7th birthday without shelling out too much:

Idea #1: Go back to her roots

Bring your child to your province and let her have a feel of how they celebrate birthdays there. Invite close relatives and neighbors for a potluck lunch. Allow some customary ways of celebration like backyard-roasted lechon, the plain-cloth covered monoblocks and plastic tables, and others depending on your province.

Idea #2: Birthday picnic

No need to look for and rent a venue – nature will do the trick! Bring out your picnic mat, picnic utensils set, and picnic basket and fill it out with your child’s favorite food and treats. You may also want to prepare some decors such as streamers and balloons. Bring along some toys like kites, ball, or even bike. Invite her schoolmates and other friends so they can enjoy nature and run around freely. Let them happily tire out themselves and just be kids. You can also give the kids customized rubber bracelets as a party favor to remember the event by.

Idea #3: Share your blessings with less fortunate kids

Some families want to teach their kids compassion and generosity by spending their birthdays with other less fortunate kids. Such a celebration would open up your child’s mind and heart for empathy. Just be cautious as some children express trauma after realizing the possibility of parents leaving their kids for good.

If you’re willing to spend for this celebration, here are also some ideas:

Idea #4: Play, play, play

Some indoor playgrounds can be rented out for a few hours. Invite your child’s cousins and friends and just let them play around for as much as they want.

Idea #5: Fast-food, games, and mascots

It is not uncommon to celebrate a child’s birthday party in a fast-food restaurant. They will take care of the food, decors, games, prizes, and the mascots for entertainment. Parents can just sit back and relax during the whole program.

In whatever way we opt to celebrate our child’s 7th birthday – be it simple or grand – the most important thing is the child would feel the love and appreciation of us parents. We don’t need to break the bank to celebrate. Just make sure that on that special day, you spend time with your child and fill that love tank!


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