This Travel Gear Is A Must-Have For Your Kids

Published with Graco - Family trip? Hit the road with peace of mind and focus on making fun memories thanks to this travel essential!


Holiday season is upon us once again! One of the many things we look forward to is hitting the road with the family. Be it to take in the sights, unwind, or to visit our loved ones across the country, taking the little ones on quick holiday getaways is a perfect way to bond over the festivities.

Plotting an itinerary, having the car checked, packing clothes, snacks, and favorite stuffed animals – while we can do these ahead of time to have peace of mind before the long drive, it’s natural for us to worry for any circumstances we’re not prepared for. Road accidents pose serious threats – the prevention of which we can’t only rely on to chance.

This is why the Child Safety In Motor Vehicles Act (R.A. 11229) has been signed into a new law in February this year. It aims to secure a child at all times when in private transit on the road. Car seats are now mandatory for kids below 12 years old. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging – and don’t get us started on installation!

All these plus the trickiness of traveling with kids shouldn’t be deal-breakers for your family fun! With Graco, you can take your precious ones on your upcoming adventures with comfort, peace of mind, and safety with its 4EVER™ 4-In-1 Car Seat! Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this state-of-the-art travel companion:

One-time car seat purchase

This car seat grows with your little one! From baby seat to a booster, adjust it to 4 modes:

  • Rear-facing harness (4 to 40 lbs.) – This setting comes with 6-position recline so your baby stays comfortable throughout the trip.
  • Forward-facing harness (22 to 65 lbs.)
  • High-back booster (40 to 100 lbs.) – With this mode comes Simply Safe Adjust™ harness system that makes it convenient for you to adjust the headrest up to 10 positions with just one hand.
  • Backless booster (40 to 120 lbs.)

No need to worry about durability too – especially if you are still planning to have more children in the future. Its frame is made of reinforced steel, making it strong for use for up to 10 years. Now that’s a hand-me-down your younger kids can still benefit from!

Simple installation

Thankfully, you can save yourself times of second-guessing and how-tos with the easy-to-read level indicator on the said. Also, if you’re opting for latch installation only, the Inright™ Latch System guarantees one-second, hassle-free attachment.

Advanced side impact protection

Your child is secured from head to hip if you meet a dangerous hit thanks to TrueShield™ technology. It is Safe Seat™ engineered and is tested from side-impact and extreme car interior temperatures.


When your tot gets snacky, food and drinks are easily within reach with dual cup holders. For those inevitable messes, easily remove the washable seat pads! The kiddos can nap comfortably for long stretches with the car seat’s plush inserts.


With confidence and security embracing your kids during your travels, you can better focus on what matters most – making memories and just basking in the holiday spirit with your loved ones!

To know more about the Graco 4EVER™ 4-In-1 Car Seat and other Graco car seats that are offered locally, you may visit their official store on Lazada: Follow them on Facebook too for the latest updates about baby transport and how to keep your little ones safe!

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