Mariel Padilla Gives Birth to Baby Gabriela

Congratulations to the new parents 👶🏻


Celebrity couple Robin and Mariel Padilla recently welcomed their second baby. In her YouTube channel, Mariel shared her journey from labor to delivery of her new daughter, Gabriela.

Baby Gabriela was born last November 15, 2019. Mariel had to be induced as she was already on her full term (39 weeks and 5 days). At around 8:00 on the morning of November 15, Mariel was induced and went through 6 hours of labor. At exactly 3:25 pm Baby Gabriela came out. Their new baby weighed 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long.

Before giving birth, Mariel also shared on her YouTube channel how she prepared for the arrival of Baby Gabriela.

Prepare the big sister

Mariel helped Isabella, their eldest daughter, understand that she’ll soon have a baby sister and that she’ll then has to share their mommy’s attention with her (Gabriela). Mariel then read books about being a big sister so Isabella can better understand it. Mariel also lets the yayas take care of Isabella so she can get used to it.

Involve the big sister in preparing the baby’s things

As Mariel prepares the crib, car seat, stroller, and other things for Baby Gabriela, she made sure that Isabella also got involved in the process.

Prepare the hospital bag

At around 36 weeks, Mariel started preparing their hospital bag. Some of the things that she prepared for the baby are diapers, swaddles, blankets, clothes, mittens, and socks. All have been prewashed with gentle laundry detergent.

For herself, Mariel prepared overnight pads, sets of underwear, nursing bras, toiletries, pajamas, robes, and malunggay supplements.

Continuously and consistently take prenatal vitamins

Mariel also religiously took the following: multivitamins, folic acid, iron, aspirin, and malunggay supplement.

Visit your doctor

To monitor the development of the baby inside your womb, Mariel reminded her pregnant viewers the of importance of regularly seeing their doctor.

Prepare your mind and body before giving birth

Mariel also prepared herself. In her own words, “Since I feel that this is going to be my last pregnancy, I’m just giving it all out.” She shared that she’s cherishing every minute of this pregnancy and that she and the whole family were all very excited to see Baby Gabriela.

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