Hey Mama, Here’s a Reminder to Love Yourself

As moms, we have a lot of love to give all-around. But here's a reminder to us to also love ourselves 😉


It goes without saying that as moms, we have lots of love to give every day of the year. Love for our kids. Love for our husbands. Love for our parents. Love for our friends. Love for our friends’ kids. Love love love. But do we have enough love for the very important person of all? Ourselves.

To fully love others, we should have a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. Because not loving ourselves enough could result in unhealthy relationships as we burden others to give us the love we think that we “deserve.” So do yourself a favor and allow a bit of love to yourself in the next few days. Here are a few ideas on how to do so:

Go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes you might be beating yourself up over for the last few days (or even weeks, or months). Let go and move on.

Focus on yourself. Take some time to check on yourself and do whatever it is you need to feel or do at that moment. Giving yourself a few minutes each day to do this might help you set a positive tone for the day.

Create a positive mantra. A mantra is a line or script that we can internalize. A lot of us have an “internal script” that we’re sometimes not aware of. Being mindful of this and adopting a positive tone can help us ward off negativity. Some empowering mantras that you can consider are: “I am valuable” or “I am loved.”

Eat well. Taking care of yourself by being more conscious about the food you eat is one of the most important forms of self-love. At the same time, taking care of ourselves and our health will allow us to be better and more loving moms.

Organize your space. Our surroundings can also influence our emotions and internal condition. So having an organized and clutter-free space can minimize your stress and maintain your positive vibes.

Write yourself a love note. Take some time to write down the things you like about yourself — focus on your strengths and the things you are grateful for. Doing so can help you focus and love yourself more.

Go out on a date with yourself. Again, take some time to go out by yourself. As moms, we usually have our kids with us all the time, so try to set aside a bit of time to just go out on your own. Eat, shop, and even indulge in things you normally can’t do when you have kids in tow. Indulging yourself every once in a while can leave you feeling recharged and empowered once again.

Spoil yourself. As moms, it can be hard to spoil ourselves when we have our kids and husbands to take care of. But again, we need to set time for ourselves if we want to be our best version of ourselves for them. Spoiling ourselves doesn’t mean going on shopping sprees, instead, it can be taking some time regularly to indulge ourselves in activities we enjoy or in our passion. Taking the time to do the things that fuel us to be our best and that can boost us with positive energy. It can be as simple as reading a good book, going to the gym, or even going out for a quick swim.

Ultimately, try to prioritize yourself and try to set aside time to nurture your relationship with yourself. Self-love can give you a sense of confidence, success, and joy, which can then boost your relationships with your family and loved ones. So try to love yourself once in a while, mama.

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