V-Day Date with the Kids: 7 Child-Friendly Ideas

Wala bang mapag-iwanan kay LO ngayong Valentine’s? No problem 😉 ❤️


No childcare alternative and spending Valentine’s day night at home with kids? Not an excuse to not celebrate V-day altogether. Celebrate it in the next best way possible: with your kids!

Serve Valentine’s treats for the family.

Share your sweets and chocolates to your loves — your partner and your kids! Or better yet, serve heart-shaped or strawberry-flavored treats the entire day or night.

Do Valentine’s day crafts.

If your kid is anything like mine, then chances are, he/she likes doing arts and crafts of any shape, size, or scale. You can do V-day activities with your kids just to celebrate, such as heart-shaped sandwiches, DIY V-day cards complete with silly love poems or quotes, paper heart love notes that anyone can get and read throughout the year, or even love paintings or drawings.

Throw an impromptu V-day party.

Know another set of parents who are also stuck with the kids on Valentine’s day? Invite them over for an impromptu V-day playdate. You can do a potluck for food and treats and set out game boards or toys for kids and adults alike. And the best part, the kids will probably be tired by the end of the night and will fall asleep early. And ta-dah, couple’s date night.

Do a Valentine’s day scavenger hunt.

How sweet it is to be loved by you, so come and get me, solve the clues. Set up a scavenger hunt for the entire family by leaving clues that will lead from one treat to another. Kids love a good game and a scavenger hunt can promote critical thinking and reading.

Have a “fancy” dinner with the whole family.

Stuck at home with the kids does not mean that you can’t have a wonderful Valentine’s dinner. Cook up something special, set the dinner table, and enjoy dinner with your loves. Or better yet, take a Valentine’s break from chores by getting takeout or having something special delivered for everyone.

Dance the night away.

Kids love dancing and they have the energy for it as well. So let loose even for just a night and dance your worries away.

Netflix and chill.

End V-day night by snuggling with your loved ones with pillows, blankets, and Netflix. A little popcorn and sweets wouldn’t hurt either.

Valentine’s day might be a bit different for parents but having kids is no reason to miss out on all the fun.

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